Welcome!  Whether you’re new to the Society or simply new to our Kingdom, it is our hope that you have every opportunity to explore the activities and events which spark your interest.


In the middle ages, the Chatelaine was the lady of the castle, she held the keys, trained the staff, kept accounts, ordered supplies, and even taught the children letters and numbers. For many children she was the first contact in beginning to train for life as a squire or “goodewife”.  She was an integral part of Medieval life, and then, as now, the Chatelaine's service is to guide and teach.

As you step “forward into the past”, you will find strange customs and new friends - fear not! All are noble and wish you well as you begin your journey.


The SCA offers something for everybody! 


Interested in combat, be it heavy, rapier, or combat archery?  Visit our Knight Marshal’s page for more information on the martial activities we have to offer.


Perhaps the Gentler Arts draw your attention.  The SCA offers a wide spectrum of activities, from cooking to sewing and fiber arts to music to leather working and beyond, and the list is virtually endless.  For more information on what we’re doing here in the Shire, or to inquire about something you’d like to learn more about, please contact our Minister of Arts & Sciences!


The SCA is a very family friendly activity, and we are exceptionally fortunate to have a vibrant and skilled Youth Minister who will be happy to discuss children and teen activities with you!  Please visit the Youth Minister’s page for more information!


Interested in persona development?  Or perhaps you know “who” you want to be but need help choosing a name, or designing a device (commonly thought of as “coat of arms”).  Please check our Pursuivant’s page for assistance with All Things Heraldic!


We were all new once (although it may be hard to believe), and we understand that it can be a little overwhelming.  All these strange terms, all these unusual titles, and WOW!  You need GARB, too?  Here are links to some very good resources to help get you started.  Whether you’re heading to your very first SCA event or just want to familiarize yourself with the basics of how our Society functions, you’ll find answers to those questions and more on these pages.  And as always, if you need assistance or have other questions, please feel free to contact me!  I love talking with new members and sharing the experience of living in these Modern Middle Ages!



Afonlyn Yahoo! Group ( good resources, and a discussion forum!) 
Forward Into the Past; An Introductory Guide to the SCA (PDF)
Good grief!  What do they mean by THAT?!”  A guide to SCA Jargon (PDF)
The SCA… without breaking the bank! 
Advice to Newcomers (PDF)
Introduction to SCA Households



Lady Catherine of the Snows

(Donna Goad)

Anderson, Indiana