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Armor: Getting started

Bartholomew’s Incredible Carpet Armor -carpet armor is the cheapest and easiest armor you can make

Wisby Coat of Plates

Dark Victory inexpensive first set of armor

Iron Mongery decent helms for a reasonable price (~$200)

Therion Arms decent place in its own right but their links page is great

Red Falcon decent beginner helm for $125

Ashcraft Baker very nice inexpensive beginner stuff (helms start at $70!!)


Other Stuff

SCA Melee

SCA Chivalric Arts links page

Combat Archery

"Da Spiel" short handbook on fighting demonstrations by Gwydion ap Myrddin

Midrealm 2006 Fall Crown Tourney Wow. Just, wow. At 3:15.

SCA Bastard Sword Techniques


*This page contains links that connect to sites over which neither the SCA or the Shire of Afonlyn has any control.*

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