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Muncie roads are being cleared.  Ball State classes are cancelled, but offices and all campus activities are still on for the day.  If you live in Muncie or plan to travel by main highways or the interstate, we welcome your company.
Please pay attention to the weather and road reports from your area.  If your area is currently under a travel advisory, as more roads get cleared and the advisories are lifted, feel free to join as the day goes on.  Remember, you don't have to attend classes to join us for dinner and dancing.  *Be Safe!* 


On Saturday, February 6th, the Shire of Afonlyn and Ball State University's Medieval Recreations will be hosting an afternoon of classes on the basics of the Society. The purpose of this event is to educate newer members about the gentler side of the SCA.  We will be offering a series of classes on everything from persona development to heraldry, and various forms of period dance.    Afterward, there will be a potluck meal and period dancing.

Although this is a non-event, and no site fee is being charged, we are asking people to wear garb, and donations are always welcomed. We have some loaner garb for those who may need to borrow something. The day will begin at noon with a meet & greet and light refreshments, before classes begin.   It will be held at the L. A. Pittenger Student Center on Ball State University's campus. 

Please see below for the current list of classes being offered.  If you have any further questions about the event, or would like to offer your knowledge by teaching a class, please contact me directly.



1—2        Developing a Persona - Herr Andreas von Meisen             English Country Style Dancing
2—3        Basic Oratory for the SCA - Lord Xavier Raposo
3—4        An Introduction to Heraldry - Herr Andreas von Meisen      Italian and Court Dances
4—5        Court Etiquette - Baroness Keiley                                   Advanced Dance Techniques
5—6        Courting Techniques within the SCA (for men) -                Round Table Discussion for Women
                                                                Warder Anton
All dance class during the day will be taught by Lord Kveldhrafn Ulfgrimson.

Any questions about the event, or suggestions for classes you'd like to see happen:
contact me!

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Ball State Univeristy

Student Center



Saturday, 6 February 2010



12:30PM - 11:00PM


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