Their Excellencies

Updated May 13, 2014

Baron Henry of Exeter

(Terry Doner)
438 Thomas Ave
Forest Park, Illinois 60130

Baroness Nadezda ze Zastrizl

(Merril Miller)
4668 N. LeClaire
Chicago, IL 60630

Greetings to all who visit the fine lands of Ayreton!

We welcome you to our cyber-home.

While the newest barony in the Midrealm, we hold some of the oldest history of the Midrealm. Our lands were once home to Duke Ceriodoc of the Bow, first king of the Midrealm over 40 years ago, as well as Count Franz von Blinkend-Lichten and Duke Dagan Darregonne.

Their Excellencies AyretonSince then we’ve been honored to play home to many, and host to many more, through a wealth of annual events. We have 5 cantons who each have a wealth of talents, activities, and skills that have made our Barony strong.

Being honored as first baronial representatives, we hope to embody and reflect the spirit of our Barony in our light hearted approach that strives to keep the momentum of resourceful and eager contributions to our kingdom. In our brief history as a Barony, we’ve brought a lot to the table by way support through gifts, troops, scrolls, and more.

Henry has worked diligently to bring troops together on behalf of the kingdom, serving as mercenary liaison for several wars. Not limited to martial arts, he contributes many scrolls to the kingdom. Henry’s home canton is Rockkehelden.

Nadezda’s energetic service challenges others to keep up with her, as she hopes to inspire in that capacity, by filling in where appropriate, and supporting contributions of others. She’s specifically active in archery, siege combat and various arts. While Horde is her family, she serves our barony guided by the wisdom that her varied background has provided her. Nadezda’s home canton is Tree Girt Sea.

We share a desire to provide outreach to new potential memberships, each of us being chatelaines in our respective home cantons.
Should you have any questions for us, our cyber-door is always open.

The Honorable Lady Nadezda ze Zastrizl
Captain Henry of Exeter

Baroness & Baron Ayreton