Ayreton Demo Opportunities

Updated March 20, 2012

May 18 Dear Ayreton,
Here is a rare opportunity for a Demo that doesn't impact the 9-5 workday!
One of my Aikido senseis is in need of fund-raising activites to support the inner-city kids in his dojo. This friend has created an amazing program for the local youth, including both martial arts and academic progress. However, the program needs money (to pay for utilities, etc, and gas for him to drive the students to cultural events, etc).
The program is looking for some education/ entertainment at a fund-raising dinner, on Friday night, May 18 from approximately 7 to 10. The locale is Mr. G's Supper Club, located at 1547 West 87th Street in Chicago (http://www.mrgssupperclub.net/ ) .They call it "Family Fun Night", so there will be mix of children and adults there.
This is a demo to assit with fundraising for an Aikido program for city youth. The Pathway to Harmony program uses martial arts as a springboard to teach discipline, self-respect, and scholastic skills. They have requested a medieval theme as part of the whole education/ cultural enhancement program for the youth. This will be a family event, with parents and young teenagers and their siblings. So expect a format of short performances (fighting, singing, dancing) and stations for arts and craft, and lot of walking around in beautiful garb. Good parking, I'm pretty sure and some form of refreshments.
I will be contacting people individually, as well as looking for volunteers on the lists. Is it possible that we can help with this demo? Tell me what you think!
thanks for your attention,