Wednesday, January 28, 2015
(Anno Societatis 49)

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Calendar of Events

February 2015
7map [NAME CHANGE] Better War Through Archery and Constellation Regional A&S Competition
  {Barony of Sternfeld} [Danville, IN]
Crown in attendance A&S Activities Heraldic Consultation 
 map Winged Hills Collegium
  {Winged Hills} [Dayton, OH]
A&S Activities Heraldic Consultation 
14map Fimbulwinter II
  {Cuil Cholium} [Clifford, IN]
A&S Activities 
 map St. Valentine's Day Massacre
  {Canton of Three Hills} [Kalamazoo, MI ]
Tanist in attendance A&S Activities Heraldic Consultation 
21map A Monk's Life: Scribin' and Imbibin' - A Brewing and Scribal Symposium
  {Barony of Ayreton} [Mt. Prospect, IL]
A&S Activities 
 map Candlemas
  {Shire of Dragonsmark} [Lexington KY]
Crown in attendance Tanist in attendance A&S Activities 
 map Herald's Pointe and Scribal Collegium
  {Wealdlake} [Howell, MI]
A&S Activities Heraldic Consultation 
 map North Oaken Regional Academy of Defense
  {Marche of the Thistle} [Dalton, OH]
28map [MOVED FROM Jan 31, 2015] Pentamere Academy of Defense
  {Canton of Ealdnordwuda} [East Lansing, MI]
 map Winter's End at the Barony of Fenix
  {Barony of Fenix} [Cincinnati, OH]
A&S Activities 

March 2015
7map Masque of Courtly Love
  {Marche of Alderford} [North Canton,Ohio]
 map Terpsichore at the Tower XX
  {Barony of Cynnabar} [Saline, MI]
A&S Activities 
 map The Company of St Jude and The Shire of Ravenslake Present: The Academy of Cut and Thrust
  {Shire of Ravenslake} [Fox Lake, IL]
13-14map Quest for the Golden Seamstress
  {Barony of Roaring Wastes} [Waterford, MI]
A&S Activities 
15-22 Gulf Wars XXIII
Crown in attendance Tanist in attendance 
21map Shire of Falcons Quarry Chamionship
  {Shire of Falcons Quarry} [Elyria, OH]
A&S Activities 
28map  La Masque de la Fou (Masquerade of the Fool)
  {Shire of Eastwatch} [Thompson, OH]
A&S Activities 
 map Clancy's Bier Haus
  {Shire of Starleaf Gate} [Windsor, ONT]
Tanist in attendance A&S Activities 
 map Rogues Day & Midlands A&S Faire
  {Shire of Swordcliff} [Kincaid, IL]
A&S Activities 
 map Silver Ceilidh
  {Marche of Norborough} [Gettysburg, OH]
Crown in attendance A&S Activities Heraldic Consultation 
 map Stone Dog XI
  {Canton of Grey Gargoyles} [Chicago, IL]
A&S Activities 

April 2015
11map A Day of Ranged Weapondry II
  {Barony of Red Spears} [Fostoria, OH]
A&S Activities 
 map DIY: The SCA Edition
  {Shire Qal' at Ja'far} [Indianapolis, IN]
A&S Activities 
 map It Takes My Child to Raze a Village VII
  {Canton of Wealdlake} [Howell, MI]
A&S Activities 
 map Martial RUM and South Oaken A&S Regional
  {Flame} [Louisville, KY]
Crown in attendance A&S Activities 
 map Middle Marches Baronial Championships
  {Barony Middle Marches} [Canal Winchester, OH]
A&S Activities 
 map Rites of Spring
  {Illiton} [Bartonville , IL]
A&S Activities Heraldic Consultation 
18map A&S 50 Challenge Event and Pentamere Regional A&S Faire
  {Barony of Roaring Wastes} [Berkley, MI]
A&S Activities 
 map Grand Tournament of the Unicorn
  {Marche of the Unicorn} [Oxford, OH]
Crown in attendance Tanist in attendance A&S Activities Heraldic Consultation 
 map Society Board of Directors meeting
  {SCA Inc.} [Covington, KY]
 map Spring Training
  {Shire of Rivenvale} [Warren, OH]
A&S Activities 
23-26map Blackstone Raid XXIV (24)
  {Barony of Blackstone Mountain} [Ripley, WV]
Prince in attendance A&S Activities Heraldic Consultation 
24-26map St. Cecilia at the Tower IV
  {Cynnabar} [Saline, MI]
A&S Activities 
 map Baronial Althing with Fun and Games
  {Barony of Andlecrag} [Grand Rapids, MI]
A&S Activities 
 map The Awakening: Armoured Easter Egg Hunt
  {Baile na Scolairi} [McLean, IL]
A&S Activities 

May 2015
2map Spring Coronation
  {Roaring Wastes} [Howell, MI]
Crown in attendance Tanist in attendance 
8-10map Constellation Academy of Defense VIII
  {Shire of Mynydd Seren} [Spencer, IN]
9map Mugmort Melees X
  {Mugmort} [Granville, OH]
A&S Activities 
  Squires' Tourney
  {Canton of Ealdnordwuda} [Lansing, MI]
A&S Activities 
15-17map Battle of the Inland Seas XXI
  {Shire of Altenberg} [Ray, MI]
A&S Activities 
16map Rivenstar's Feast of 3 Saints
  {Rivenstar} [Lafayette, IN]
A&S Activities 
24 Reserved for Spring Crown Tournament
Crown in attendance 
29-31map This Land Is Our Land...And We're Becoming A Barony!!
  {Shadowed Stars} [Columbia City, IN]
A&S Activities 
30map Hunt for the White Stag and Pentamere Challenge
  {Barony of Roaring Wastes} [Oakland Township, MI]

June 2015
5-7map Absolutely Not Ragnarok Rampage
  { Carraig Ban} [Dixon, IL]
A&S Activities 
 map Crystal Chamfron
  {Barony Shattered Crystal} [Wood River, IL]
A&S Activities 
 map Northern Oaken War Maneuvers XIX
  {Barony of the Cleftlands} [Wellington, OH]
A&S Activities 
7map The Riding of Hawkland Moor's Smurf Shoot
  {The Riding of Hawkland Moor} [Clarkston, MI]
12-14map Border Skirmish
  {Shire of Ravenslake & Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr} [Elkhorn, WI]
A&S Activities Heraldic Consultation 
 map Siege of Talonval
  {Shire of Talonval} [Leslie, MI]
A&S Activities 
19-21map Baronial Border War 32
  {Canton of Rimsholt} [Ionia, MI]
 map Mayhem V
  {Shire of Aurea Ripae} [Philpot, KY]
A&S Activities 
 map Push for Pennsic
  {Marche of Havenholde} [Troy, OH]
A&S Activities Heraldic Consultation 
26-28map Baron Wars XVIII
  {Marche of the Marshes} [Perrysburg, OH]
A&S Activities 

July 2015
3-5map Simple Day
  {Sternfeld} [Danville, IN]
10-12map Encampment XIII
  {Marche of Three Towers} [Mt. Gilead , OH]
A&S Activities 
 map Tyger Hunt
  {The Riding of Hawkland Moor} [Detroit, MI]
11map [MOVED FROM April 24-26] Chaos at the Castle
  {Shire of Greyhope} [LaPorte, IN ]
 map Society Board of Directors meeting
  {SCA Inc.} [Milpitas, CA]
24-9map Pennsic War 44
  [Slippery Rock, PA ]
Chiv Meeting Laurel Meeting Pelican Meeting A&S Activities Heraldic Consultation 

August 2015
21-23 Battle of Oken-hills II
  {Shire of Okenshield} [Annville, KY]
A&S Activities 

September 2015
4-7map Mounted War Games V presents Day of the Dragon
  {Shadowed Stars} [Peru, IN]
A&S Activities 
5map Reign of Arrows 4
  {Stormvale} [Flint, MI]
11-13map Pounce
  {Catteden} [ Vanlue, OH]
A&S Activities 
 map Vikings Come Home XXIV
  {Barony of Donnershafen} [Boyne City, MI]
A&S Activities 
18-20map For Hands: Eat, Spin and Die
  {Barony Shattered Crystal} [Wood River, IL]
A&S Activities 
19map Clown Tournament
  {Shire of Narrental} [Peru, IN]
A&S Activities 
 map Tournament of the Roses (aka Rose Tourney)
  {Canton of Three Hills} [Marshall, MI]
26 Reserved for Fall Coronation
Crown in attendance 

October 2015
10map Battleof Poachers Peril
  {Shire of Dragonsmark} [Georgetown, KY]
A&S Activities 
10-12map What In Samhain
  {Canton of Three Walls} [Ionia, MI]
A&S Activities 
17 Reserved for Fall Crown Tournament
Crown in attendance 
23-25map Rendezvous at the Bridge XXVI
  {Riviere Constelle} [Lincoln City, IN]
A&S Activities 
24 Society Board of Directors meeting
  {SCA Inc.} [Pittsburg, PA]
30-1map Three Hills Cooking Symposium
  { Canton of Three Hills} [Augusta, MI]
A&S Activities 

November 2015
7map  All Soul's: Collars, Ruffs and Gorgets (a Neckwear Event)
  {Canton of Vanished Wood} [Roselle, IL]
A&S Activities 
 map Hammer & Annville IV
  {Shire of Okenshield} [Annville, KY]
A&S Activities 

Excerpt from Middle Kingdom Law - XVI-1100
Events cannot be placed on the Kingdom Calendar or in the Pale if scheduled for a date already reserved by a group within a 100-mile radius, unless the group hosting the event previously scheduled gives permission.

If the first group denies permission, exceptions permitting the scheduling of the second event within the 100-mile radius include specific-focus events that will clearly and unmistakably appeal to generally very different audiences, i.e. a dance event and a war practice, an equestrian challenge and a bardic arts symposium, etc. This determination will be made by the Kingdom Calendar. If permission is refused and the difference in audience appeal is not clear cut, the Kingdom Seneschal will make the final ruling in the conflict.

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