The Canton of Grey Gargoyles Presents

Stone Dog X


Games of chance and skill

Gluckhaus, Goose, Knuckle Bones, Put & Take Spinning Top, Hazard, Penny Pitch, El Mundo, Tablero de Jesus
Card Games: Beast, Basset, Pochspiel, Bone-Ace, Lanterloo


Classes meet in the West Lounge, unless otherwise indicated.

10:00 AM - Chatelaines' Meeting

12:00 PM - A history of playing cards. Free handouts to 20.
Description: A discussion of the origins of the pack and its Introduction and development in Europe. Consideration for appropriate options for personas. One hour.

1:00 PM - K.I.S.S.- Keep It Simple Scrolls.
Description: Demonstration, display and discussion of Tips, tricks, and techniques to make easy, eye-catching scrolls for even the newest scribe. One hour.

2:00 PM - Introduction to brewing. Overview of different brewing techniques. Questions welcomed. One hour.

4:00 PM - Introduction to beer styles. One hour. Ever wanted to know the difference between a brown, a pilsner, and an IPA? 21 and over only, to be held in the pub.

Tavern Brawl (Adults Only)

What day of gambling would be complete without a brawl breaking out? Adults (18 and older) are invited to "attack" fellow patrons with food and other items.

Rapier Tournament

(A friendly five-part competition for gentlemen and gentlewomen, based upon the book of the courtier by Baldessar Castiglione)

Rapier Marshal-in-Charge: Warder Damien Nihthauk
Courtiers Tournament Marshal:Master John Inchingham the Fool

Part I: "To play well at fense upon all kinds of weapons."
Candidates will be required to show their fencing skill in a list run by Warder Damien. Points will be awarded reflecting each candidate's standing at the end of the day's fighting.
Note--fencers who do not wish to be Courtier candidates may still compete in this part of the tournament.

Part II: "To be brought to showe his (or her) feates and qualities at the desire and request of others."

Each candidate shall be asked to demonstrate skill at some mode of entertainment of the candidate's choosing (dance, sing, recite a poem, play an instrument, tell a tale, etc.). A candidate who has created an original work, may ask another to perform it.

Part III: "To be handesome and clenly in his (or her) apparaile."

The fencing garb of each candidate will be judged on the basis of comeliness and appropriateness.

Part IV: "To be meanly seene in the play at Chestes (chess), and not over cunninge."

Candidates will play matches of DICE chess. (Note: This is a change from the “Give Away” chess games played at previous Courtier’s Tourneys). Participants need only know how various chess pieces move and capture in order to play.

Part V: "To be well spoken and faire languaged" and "To be no envious or malitious person."

Each candidate will be asked to briefly speak extemporaneously upon the virtues of one of the other candidates (to be drawn at random).


Our day of betting will culminate in the famous Stone Dog auction. Use your coins to win treasure!

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