Classroom 1 Classroom 2
12:30PM Welcome to Coronation An Early Music Vocal Sampler
1:30PM Beginning Beadwork "Hood"ed Affair
2:30PM Medieval Glasswork The Carrot Cloister
3:30PM Feast Planning Logistics The Carrot Cloister, cont'd

Class Descriptions:

Welcome to Coronation: A Newcomers walk through of the event and SCA by Baroness Verena Entenwirth & THL Philippa of Otterbourne - What a great way to learn about the SCA then learning about the Coronation Event. This newcomers walk will show you the highlights of the site, event, activites, as well as giving you insite about the SCA.

An Early Music Vocal Sampler by Lady Margrett Norwoode - This class is a sampler of early vocal music from multiple countries and time periods between the 9th-10th century and the turn of the 17th century. The focus for this program is primarily nonliturgical music designed for solo performance. Songs will be placed in context and excerpts of multiple performances of the songs will be played.

Beginning Beadwork by Licia deSolari - A hands on kinda class.Come learn how to bead a belt favor. $1 class fee include handout, belt favor, usually with a tassel for weight, a small baggie of beads, thread and needle.

Hooded Affair by Baroness Verena Entenwirth - A brief look at the evolution of the hood from the Roman era through the 15th century. The second part of class will cover pattern and construction for Roman, Norse, 14th century hoods, and Chaperon. Bring 1.5 yards of wool or linen to start making your own hood in class.

Fire in the Sand Box by HL Aethelwulf of Dover - Learn about medieval glasswork including how to spot hand blown glass as well as the history of and tools of glass work.

The Carrot Cloister: A medieval embroidery salon by Baroness Brigid Murchadah and Lady Jadwiga Wlodzislawska - A place for those who wanted to work on projects, pose questions or learn a new stitch from the hostesses? Beginers kits and instruction will be available to those new to embroidery.

Feast Planning Logistics: Learn To Love Your Lists by Mistress Gianetta da Vicenza - How do you turn a menu into a feast? Planning is the key to keeping your sanity, creating an excellent reputation for reliability, generating buzz for your event, and having a great time doing it. This class will give you a great set of questions to think about, and some technology tools to help you keep your cool. This class is focused on preparing feasts and dinners to serve 50 to 150 people. If you’re serving more or less people than this, you’ll want to use some different strategies.


12:00PM - 2:20PM 2:30PM - 4:45PM
Ercc Glaison: Pins and Needles Roana Aldinoch: Bookbinding
Lynette de Warenne: Kumihimo/Trollen-braiding Kingdom Textile Artisan's Guild: Fiber Arts
Ardena Wildflower: Beadwork Gunnarr: Medieval Jewelry Making
HL Aethelwulf of Dover: Medieval Glasswork Brynniulfr "Brynn" Herleifsson: Stained Glass

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