The Flower Tourney is an opportunity for fighters to earn tokens of esteem for presentation to their consorts, significant others, or anyone else they deem worthy of honor. Fighters will choose their own opponents and weapons. Each pair will present themselves in single combat on the field in front of the Ladies Gallery. Her Majesty will provide a flower to be delivered to a praiseworthy person according to the winner’s preference. The winner of each bout will instruct his opponent where and how to deliver the flower.

Occasionally, outstanding displays of Chivalry or Best Death will be rewarded with additional flowers, at the Queen’s discretion.

(Ladies, do not be surprised if you receive some flowers from a Secret Admirer, as part of this Tourney. Please enjoy the examples of Courtly Love!)

Both Heavy and Light Tourneys will follow the same format. Each tourney lasts one glorious hour, and they will occur outdoors on the front lawn of the church. This is a city street in Chicago, with excellent prospects for publicity and passers-by. Therefore, we ask that everyone bring your best gear, and keep your possessions neatly under your control. There is no space for outdoor day pavilions.

Both fighters will receive points for each fight: one point for fighting plus two additional points for winning.

The overall winner will have earned the bragging rights, plus a large measure of personal appreciation from those praiseworthy persons who have received flowers this day!

You may fight as often as you have a partner, time permitting. Pairs of fighters will line up at the entrance to the lists and wait their turn. Double kills will not be re-fought unless there is plenty of time.

When these two tournaments have been completed, there will be time allowed for pick-up fights but only as it suits the outdoor space available, the weather, and the fighters present.

Unfortunately, there is no longer an option for indoor fighting. In case of extremely inclement weather, there will be no fighting at the event. We kindly ask you to restrict the amount of gear that you bring to absolute necessities and to be aware that indoor storage space will be limited.

We ask for your understanding and support. Please direct any questions you may have to the Event Steward or to the designated Marshal-In-Charge.

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