The Barony of Ayreton Presents

The Coronation of Lucien and Catarina

Are you sick of April Showers? Are you ready for May Flowers?

Then come to Ayreton on May 4 for the Coronation of Lucien and Catarina!

Their Royal Highnesses have made a special request for a perfect Springtime Event!

We have propitiated the weather spirits to give us bright Sunshine, with Blue Skies, Balmy Breezes and a few Cotton Candy Clouds for contrast! We confidently predict a comfortable temperature for both outdoor and indoor activities!

The Coronation ceremony will occur at St. John’s Lutheran Church (see link to map), in their beautiful sanctuary, a haven of solemn dignity and deep peace.Then we will regroup outside for heavy and light Flower Tourneys in honor of our new Queen Catarina, the Fairest Flower of the Land.

The Flower Tourney is an opportunity for fighters to earn tokens of esteem for presentation to their consorts, significant others, or anyone else they deem worthy of honor. Fighters will choose their own opponents and weapons. Each pair will present themselves in single combat on the field in front of the Ladies Gallery. Her Majesty will provide a flower to be delivered to a praiseworthy person according to the winner’s preference. The winner of each bout will instruct his opponent where and how to deliver the flower.

Occasionally, outstanding displays of Chivalry or Best Death will be rewarded with additional flowers, at the Queen’s discretion. (Ladies, do not be surprised if you receive some flowers from a Secret Admirer, as part of this Tourney. Please enjoy the examples of Courtly Love!)

All Flower themes are encouraged for this event! Garlands of flowers, flowers on your feast gear, scented posies, Flowery language, sonnets and poems, etc! We are especially looking for banners with flowers (Fleurs de Lis are heraldic flowers, for example) to decorate the hall.

The evening festivities will include a bardic circle and ball with all the floral-themed dances (Hearts’ Ease, Gathering Peascods, etc.)

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