Office of the Dragon Herald

THL Jean Yves de Chierebourg
(Jeff Savage)
weekdays between 4-9pm est. Weekends before 10pm

Office responsible for furthering those activities that add flavor and color to events, such as making announcements, speaking in court, designing and registering devices and arms, consulting on names, and much much more.

Reporting Schedule

Office type Reporting dates
Local and At-Large Mar 31 (Q1), Jun 30 (Q2), Sep 30 (Q3), Dec 31 (Q4/Domesday)
Regional Apr 14 (Q1), Jul 14 (Q2), Oct 14 (Q3), Jan 14 (Q4/Domesday)

Deputies to the Dragon Herald

  Office Officer Name
Buckler Herald Chaya-Simcha bat Yonah (Shoshana Jackson)
Clerk of Precedence Dafydd Blaidd, OP
  Dragon Exchequer (Heraldic Exchequer) Ooyama Taro Hideyasu
Dragon Signet Sorcha Fraser
Escutcheon Herald Ragna storrada Ulfsdottir
Meadows Herald Cecily O'Donell
Minister of Protocol Kateryn Bronwen of Gloucester (Katrina Strubler)
Opinicus Herald Edborough Kellie
Pale Herald Dmitrii Zhirov
Rouge Scarpe Herald Estelle de la Mer (Skye Savage)
Shield Herald Damian Nihthauk
Thuban Herald Elisabeta Fischer
Constellation Herald Sebastian Hunzicker
Midlands Herald Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen (Gregory "Ash" Miller)
North Oaken Herald Guillaume Gallatini
Pentamere Herald A'indle O'Diarmada
South Oaken Herald Lancelin Peregrinus

Third Quarter Reporting

Due to the proximity of the release of the new system and the third quarter reporting deadline, use the old report system for your third quarter reports.  For the Domesday reports, use the reporting system in the Services Portal.

Latest News

Heraldic Documents

Thanks to our Kingdom Webminister, we have a new home for our heraldic documents! Everything can now be found in the Documents Library, in the “Herald” folder.

There you can find:

  • Submissions Forms
  • Pursuivant’s Handbook
  • Boke of Ceremonies
  • Protocol Handbook
  • A NEW Field Manual for Heralds
  • Scribe’s Handbook
  • OSCAR Commentary Policy

and more. There’s even a silly song about heraldic tinctures!

Please update your links accordingly. Thanks


The Order of Precedence, Awards Recommendation System, Court Reports, and Officer Reports can now all be found in the Services Portal!

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