Office of the Dragon Signet

Sorcha Fraser

Head of the College of Scribes of the Middle Kingdom.

Sorcha Fraser
(Val Eisenberg)
(440) 725-7296 (Texts acceptable, but please announce who you are in case I don’t have your number.)

Middle Kingdom Scribal College

Scribal Arts

Mailing Lists

Regional Signets

Aethon Signet
(Kentucky & Southwest Ohio)

Baroness Soffya von Kulpe
(Judith Mitchell Bolenbaugh)
ladyvonkulp {at} yahoo {dot} com

Constellation Signet

Abbess Waldetrudis von Metten
(Kimetha Lodoit)
kloidolt {at} hisadaamerica {dot} com

Fenris Signet

Baroness Una Uilebaine
(Patricia Gross)
una_allifaire {at} yahoo {dot} com

Lincoln Signet

Wilhelm Michalik
(Michael Mihallik)
uberpessimist {at} gmail {dot} com

Oaken Signet
(Northern Ohio)

Angelique de La Rochelle
(Sylvie Michaud)
angelique {at} redspears {dot} org

Special Deputies

Deputy Signet for Backlog and Unclaimed Scrolls

Baroness Angelique d’Herisson
(Renee LeVeque)
scahedgehog {at} gmail {dot} com