Office of the Minister of Arts & Sciences

Mistress Una Wynnifreed Berry
(Denise Weible)
1545 Oakland Park Ave
Columbus, OH 43224
No later than 10pm EST

Office that furthers the study of period culture and technology, and methods for producing historically accurate artifacts and performances.

Reporting Schedule

Office type Reporting dates
Local Groups Jan 1 (Q1/Domesday) , Apr 1 (Q2), Jul 1 (Q3), Oct 1 (Q4)
Baronial Groups Jan 15 (Q1/Domesday), Apr 15 (Q2), Jul 15 (Q3), Oct 15 (Q4)
Regional Officers Feb 1 (Q1/Domesday), May 1 (Q2), Aug 1 (Q3), Nov 1 (Q4)

Deputies to the Web Minister

  Office Officer Name
  A&S Database Deputy Vorlin o'r Gwig
  A&S WarPoint General Vacant
Deputy KMOAS Coordinator of Arts and Sciences & Martial Activities Cedric Adolphus
  Deputy KMOAS Historical Combat Studies Kai Tseng
  Deputy KMOAS Reporting Officer Evja Haerulfskona
Deputy Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences Milesent Vibert
  Deputy of Judges Education Anastasiia Kyrilovna Ivanova
  Deputy of Special Projects and Craftsperson's Faire Coordinator Reinhold von Glier
  Judges Coordinator Odette d'Amboise
  KMOAS Data Survey Officer AnneLyse van Gavere
  RUM Chancellor Eleanor Von Atzinger
Special Deputy for Criteria Review Andreas Blacwode
Tallyroom Coordinator Briana Morgan of the Valley
  Constellation Minister of Arts and Sciences Brynn Herleifsson
Midlands Minister of Arts and Sciences Arrienne Ashford
North Oaken Minister of Arts and Sciences Milesent Vibert
Pentamere Minister of Arts and Sciences Eva van Oldebroek
  South Oaken Minister of Arts and Sciences Honor von Atzinger

Reporting for Third Quarter

Due to the close proximity of the third quarter report due dates and the release of the new reporting system, use the following forms if you are unable to access the new services portal to file your report.

Latest News

Useful Links

MOAS Training Classes

This class will go over how to report, finding venues to display or compete in the Middle Kingdom, things to do to encourage A&S in your group, things to do to encourage A&S during an event, resources, and A&S stuff society wide. Attendence is required for all Ministers of Arts and Sciences, but anyone may attend. It is an hour long.

October 20 Fall Crown Tourney
November 3 All Soles Midlands
November 17 Fall RUM Oaken
December 1 Christmas Tourney Oake

Largesse Display at Coronation

Their Royal Highnesses of the Middle Kingdom, A’kos and Bella will host a display of the largesse given by the people of the Midrealm at their Coronation on September 29 in the Canton of Wealdlake & Barony of Roaring Wastes. If you would like to donate, Their Highnesses would appreciate small tokens that could be given out for any number of reasons, including small cups, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

More specifically, They are looking for tokens that have the feel of being Magyar in origin, such as simple metal shank buttons and coins. Mistress Asalah al-Hina has more specific information on these if there is anyone interested in creating such a token.You can contact her at

They would also appreciate award tokens and circlets. You can sign up for the Largess Donation Display here.

A&S Contest: A Distant Mirror

Hold a mirror to an ancient object and bring it to life. Create a piece of history that looks, tastes, or sounds as if it came from a time in the distant mirror. Use a picture, illumination, or written description as your inspiration. The goal is the appearance of a brand new thing. Judging will be based on appearance, taste, or sound. What to use and how you created your piece will not be considered in the judging. Your written requirements will be to complete a form that asks who, what, when, where and the picture or a copy (photocopies are fine) of the written source.

You can register and document your entry for A Distant Mirror here.

The Royal University of the Midrealm is Approaching!

On November 17, Fall RUM is scheduled to be held in the shire of Grenmere. Find out more information about the RUM here.

Craftsperson Faire

The Middle Kingdom Craftsperson Faire is a venue for artists at any level of development to display their work and discuss how to create similar items. The MKCF is a venue for displaying current A&S projects, reproductions of period artifacts, or to discuss and display “a body of work.” Documentation is not required. The entrant’s name, address and other such information may appear on the flyer. Many artisans like to remain with their entry to discuss how the entry was made. The MKCF is an excellent venue for artists at any level of development. It is not a competition so the atmosphere is different from the A & S Faire.

There will be a Craftspersons Display at Christmas Tourney, December 1, in the Barony of the Flame.