Deputy Earl Marshal for Rapier Combat

Defender Cecil du Pont
(Brian Cicirello)
801 S. Wells St. #501
Chicago, IL 60607

Office that oversees all Rapier Combat activities in the Midrealm.

Reporting Schedule

Office type Reporting dates
Local and At-Large Feb 15 (Domesday/Q1),May 15 (Q2), Aug 15 (Q3), Nov 15 (Q3)
Regional Feb 25 (Domesday/Q1), May 25(Q2), Aug 25(Q3), Nov 25(Q3)

Deputies to the Rapier Marshal

  Office Officer Name
  Dean of Youth Rapier Vacant
Constellation Marshal - Rapier Combat Cecily O'Donell
  Midlands Marshal - Rapier Combat Kurro Ookami Musashi
  North Oaken Marshal - Rapier Combat Llen Crede
Pentamere Marshal - Rapier Combat Michael McCay
South Oaken Marshal - Rapier Combat Aidan Blackstone (David A. Young)

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