The Canton of Rimsholt invites you to

It's All Fun and Games

March 15, 2014

10am to 8pm

Gethsemane Lutheran Church
3152 Clyde Park Ave. SW
Wyoming, MI 49509-2994

Join us at Rimsholt's all ages gaming competition.  The games will be medieval or renaissance board games, such as:  Chess, Go, Nine-Mens-Morris, Backgammon, Mancala, Fox & Geese, Tafl, Draughts, Roundabouts, Parcheesi and more.  If you have any period game you'd like to bring and share, please bring written instructions! There will be prizes and much fun to be had!  All ages welcome!


Troll: FREE!!!

Feast: $10 (Seating limited to 20)


Ingredient and allergen information available upon request. Email the feast steward ( ) before March 1st.

The fun will be at:
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
3152 Clyde Park Ave SW
Wyoming MI 49509

Take your best route to US-131 south of Grand Rapids.
Exit US-131 at 28th Street and head West.
Turn left at Clyde Park and go south
The Church is on the corner of 32nd and Clyde Park five minutes from US-131

Site is dry. Sorry, no pets (service animals welcome).

Lunch tavern menu:

Soup Lunch Tavern
by Lady Thomasette

For more information contact the event steward,


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