Barony of Rivenstar

Whether you live here and can't attend meetings, or you are now living in "Greater Rivenstar" (which means you've moved away but we still consider you one of us), there are other ways to keep in touch with the Barony.

Please note: This page contains links that connect to sites over which neither the SCA nor The Barony of Rivenstar has any control.

Rivenstar Email List

In addition to this website, the Barony also has its own email list, open to subscribers only.  To join, send an email here (be sure to replace the _AT_ with @), or contact the list owner, Mistress Heirusalem Crystoma. It is considered courteous to introduce yourself upon joining, so that we know you're there!

It is also possible to subscribe to the list in "digest" format, which sends you one large email per day containing all that day's messages to the list.  This is useful for people who receive a lot of email messages, have a slow connection, or want to make sure all their Rivenstar email shows up together where they can read it easily.  To receive Rivenstar email in digest format, you must first subscribe to the list regularly, and then send an email here. Please be sure to replace the "_AT_" with @, and double-check that the subject line reads "digest rivenstar" -- the automated links on this website sometimes replace spaces with "%20", which will be read incorrectly by the majordomo service.

Other Email Lists and Groups

Rivenstar Archers have a small Yahoo Group to keep one another informed about practices, fletching nights, and so forth.  Subscribe here.

Rivenstar Fencers have a Yahoo Group as well, with close to 30 members currently participating.  Subscribe here.

Legio Draconis

"The Dragon Legion" is an excellent unofficial forum, maintained by and for SCA members.  While it is by no means specific to the people of Rivenstar, it is the perfect place to discuss your favorite activities, find academic articles and world news related to your period of study, or trade wisecracks and catch the Joke of the Day.  SCA members from around the world visit and participate in the discussions.

Newsletter - The RivenSTAR

The RivenSTAR is a completely resurrected and re-vamped version of the Baronial newsletter, last seen a few years ago under the title "Riven-stuff".  Both hard copies and PDF files are available from our ChroniclerAs you can see, PDFs are also available online.  To download, right-click the link, and then select "Save" or "Save Target As..." from the list of options.

PDF files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free from Adobe's official site.


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We are currently missing copies of the Spring and summer issues for 2007.

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As of December 2005, Katalena has chosen to make the RivenSTAR available on a quarterly basis, to serve as a historical chronicle of the Barony's activities.

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