Barony of Rivenstar


Three Saints and a Peacock 

April 19, 2014

National Guard OMS Facility
5220 E 200 S, Lafayette, IN 47905-9402
(aka: The Armoury)


General Information:

Volunteers: See form below.

Attention Merchants

Merchants will be on the strip of ground between the building and the parking lot (where we were last year), to the left of the door to the Armory. Bring your own tables & seating, as well as a sunshade/raincover-- we'll be outside no matter what the weather. Fighting will be on the parking lot this year, so merchants will get better exposure this year. As in past years, there is no fee for merchants. Contact Sigulf Karlnar if you would like a merchants space-- we typically assign a 10' x 10' space, but can give extra room if needed, as long as space is available.



MIC: Malie Bean Mhicaoidh


MIC: Erentil

Arts and Sciences

Displays of the Arts and Sciences are most welcome, we are especially interested displays of "subtleties" that would be suitable for display as center pieces for feast! Please contact Adam MacAoidh with any questions.


Introduction to Falconry

Instructor: Nicodemus Thorne

Time: 2:00pm | Length: 30 minutes | Cost: N/A

The introduction to falconry class will cover the laws, methods, prerequisite equipment, and the attitude needed to get started with falconry in Indiana.

Look Mom, No Counting!

Instructor: Aurora Lucia Marinella

Time: 1:00pm | Length: 30 minutes | Cost: N/A

This hands-on class will introduce you to the wonders of this simple method for geometric blackwork embroidery which allows you to add blackwork to pretty much anything. Uneven weaves and finished garments are not a problem. I can even work it without wearing my glasses! All supplies will be provided; however, please feel free to bring your own item to embroider if you would like to do so.

Silver Smithing

Instructor: Xenon

Time: TBD | Length: TBD | Cost: TBD



Please see our ingredients list for more detail on the feast dishes being served.

On the Table

First Course

Second Course


Dessert Course

The Peacock's Contest

As fitting a beast so luxurious as the expressive Peacock, there will be a contest throughout the day (judged by a select few keen eyes) for the most "Expressive" and "Extravagant" display of period costume! Further details to come Stay Tuned!



Recent Events


About the Three Saints


St. Wulf, St. Tasha, and St. Booger were miraculous gentles of Rivenstar's earlier days, whose legends faded into obscurity but were rediscovered in 2003.  In their honor, we co-hosted "Three Saints and a Pig" with the Barony of White Waters (The Baron at the time, His Excellency Koontz, was known to have a thing for pigs; we don't ask, we just eat what he cooks).



The following year, to honor the venerable Fifi, first sheep ever to be used in a Rustler's Tourney, we hosted "Three Saints and a Sheep," and for 2005, we had the pirate-themed "Three Saints and a Parrot", complete with RivenstARR banner in the feast hall. 
In 2006, the theme was Byzantine, with "Three Saints and a Goat" and locally-raised chevron on the feast table, complemented by locally-crafted goat cheeses. 
For 2007, Three Saints and a Reindeer, we featured authentic Viking weather (it snowed on Saturday, and ONLY on Saturday, with Friday and Sunday sunny and in the mid-50s) and a feast including venison, elk, and fish.
In 2008, the event animal was The Hare (of the Dog), and it appears that switching to a springtime animal worked, since the event weather was beautiful.
For 2009, we wanted to honor our tradition as being the first major event of the melee season (and make sure we had the warmest weather possible), so we went with Three Saints and a Tyger, complete with Indian-inspired dishes at feast.
The year 2010 offered up Three Saints and a Honeybee - mostly because we needed an excuse to make baklava.
In 2011 we celebrated Three Saints and a Coronation, 'cause, well, duh, it was Coronation!
The year 2012 marking our tenth anniversary, the Barony celebrated Three Saints in the Fountain of Youth, featuring Spanish and New World dishes - especially chocolate.



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