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Please send in your stories and photos!  This page is for the entire Barony.

Eventually, and with the cooperation of the populace of Rivenstar, this page will include photos of Barony members, possibly blurbs for each of our Peers, stories and quotes, etc.  The links below are already filling with information, showcasing the people who make Rivenstar home, and will continue to do so over time.  In future, there may also be a section devoted to those members of the Barony who have moved away, and a memorial section for those who have passed on from this world, but not from our hearts.  Please check back often!

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Rivenstar in the Media

The following images and articles all originally appeared in and are the copyright property of Lafayette's local newspaper, the Journal and Courier, unless otherwise indicated.  All have been reproduced here with permission.

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

The "Inside" image appeared on the front page of the newspaper as a teaser; the other images and article took up all of page B5.  Click on any of the images for a full-size version.




Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This article features Mistress Isabeau Pferdebandiger and her family's homestead. She and Sir Fionbharr macShane grow much of their own food and produce goat cheese and goat-milk based soaps for sale at the local farmer's market.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Each Friday, the J&C produces a weekend entertainment  insert called "TGIF".  This issue  featured the 8th annual "Evening at the Oasis" performance by the Oasis Dancers, Oasis Drums, and Lungo Drom (whose membership also includes quite a few of the local populace).

Here is Gabriella on the cover; the caption at right reads, "A shimmy. A hip bump. A belly dance. An Evening At The Oasis"


What people are saying about Rivenstar:

[Web minister's note: this section was created partly in jest, as a response to the recent departure of several Barony members for greener pastures in other parts of the world.  Since the Barony of Rivenstar is heavily associated with the Purdue campus, this kind of thing happens on a regular basis, but it never seems to get much easier, either for those who go or those who remain.]

From Baron Adam Comyn: I'm at work, but don't "really" have things up and running yet. Blame the transit strike that started at midnight: the secretary I have to work with can't get to her office until 1:30pm. Still, I wanted to say "hey" and thanks for everything all of you have done for me and Katy over the years. The folk here [...] are going to be hard pressed to showcase the kind of joy that Rivenstar "just does".

From Constance Bienfait: I'm sure that most of you thought I had disappeared a long while back, but I just wanted to let you know that I made it safely back to Northshield last week, after two wonderful years in Rivenstar (gasp! I actually graduated). I am so sorry that I didn't get to say a proper "so long" to most of you. I want you all to know that you are very dear to my heart; I will always remember Rivenstar with a smile on my face. The barony is made up of very special people with huge hearts and open arms, and your always-welcoming attitude made it so easy for me to join, and so hard to leave. I hope to see you again in the not-so-far future, and I hope that Rivenstar and its people continue to thrive and prosper in the manner that they have for so long.

From Braden: Well, after 2,500 miles Rivenstar failed to take one of the West Kingdom's rapier only events, but did manage to turn a number of heads. Sorcha herself received open applause and we were both asked to meet her Lady of the Swan, soon to be Princess of our Principality.

Anyway, writing to say we miss you and the barony! Trying to make reference to a certain Rivenstar caravan trip with the above. ;) Talk at you later.

From certain anonymous clowns in the Barony:
"Best barony to live in ever!" -New York Times
"No place in the known world was ever as good after living in Rivenstar" -Washington Post
"I miss you guys!" -<insert name here>

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