Spring Fair

The Marche of Tirnewydd is pleased to present the fourth Tirnewydd Spring Fair! April 21st, 2011
Join us for armored and rapier tournaments, an Artisans’ Row, dancing, archery, and our famous Picnic Lunch Feast!
St. John Chrysostom
5858 Cleveland Avenue Columbus OH 43231
½ Mile N. of 161 on Cleveland Ave.
Site open 9AM-7:30PM
Admission $10 for adults and $5 for youth
$5 NMS
Autocrat Luca Sogliano, Luca (dot) Sogliano (at) gmail (dot)com

We are also pleased to announce the first of what we hope will become at Middle Marches tradition:

Meet the Baronial Candidates at the Middle Marches Baronial Town Hall!

We have invited the candidates to replace our beloved Excellences Lamorak and Isabeau to speak on their own behalf and to answer your questions! The Baronial Town Hall will take place during court. Have a question for the candidates? Come take this opportunity to hear your question answered before polling begins.

Lunch Feast

Lunch is $5, and includes a slice of beef and chicken pie or vegetarian mushroom pie, mixed pickles and cherry pottage.
Slices of pie are available a la carte for $3 and cherry pottage for $3.

Allergen information:
Meat pie contains beef, chicken, eggs, butter, flour, prunes and currents, stock, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, as well as other possible allergens.

Mushroom Pasties contain flour, butter, eggs, mushrooms, cheese, and pepper and may contain other allergens.

The mixed pickles contains white wine, vinegar, and various vegetables, and may contain other allergen.

The Cherry Pottage contains cherries, red wine, sugar, butter and bread, and may contain other allergens.

Our menu is set, but with any questions please contact Sarai (dot) Tindall (at) gmail (dot) com.

Marshal Events

The Heavy list will open for authorizations and open sparring at 10AM. Tourneys will begin at the Marshal’s discretion. If you are interested in holding the field, or a Pas, please contact Luca (dot) Sogliano (at) gmail (dot) com.

The Rapier list will open at 10AM for authorizations and open sparring. Tourneys will begin at the Marshal’s discretion.

The Archery field will be open at 11 AM.

Please note that marshal activities will end at 4PM to prepare for court.

The Spring Ball

The Honorable Lady Felice Debbage presents yet another evening of dancing to the Marche and the Barony, as well as our guests. The ball will begin immediately after court.

Artisan’s Row
Tired of missing that class you really wanted to take? Well instead, spend the day doing the art or science that interests you. Replacing the classroom setting is a chance to see the erstwhile instructor working on his or her projects, with plenty of room for questions, or to follow along.

Mirabai Sitt Al-Sirr

Ancient Body Art: Henna of the Ancient Near East

Dyes from the henna plant have been used for millennia for symbolic body decoration. Come learn about the history and traditions surrounding this fascinating natural dye and try it out for yourself. For examples of henna work, see Ancient Arts Henna on Facebook. Small fee for materials.


Lady Alliette Minoufle


I will have some instruments, and will be willing to give basic lessons to those interested. I will also have recorders available for those who are wishing to learn music. All levels welcome.


Ian of Senlac

Ropes and knots

Useful things to know like how rope with an appropriate knot can let you bring home that Rattan stave that won't fit in the car.