About Tirnewydd

The Marche of Tirnewydd is a shire inside the Barony of the Middle Marches in the Middle Kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Tirnewydd serves the Franklin and Delaware counties in Ohio, though our meetings and events are open to everyone from anywhere who wish to travel to practice and study with us.

We are a small branch of a global organization that focuses on the study and recreation many aspects of life in medieval Europe. The time period that we work with is the sixteenth century and before, and the area is primarily Europe and the Middle east, however there are many people who adapt an Asian or African persona. What matters the most is the desire to learn and study the life and times in the medieval periods!

There are many activities that happen at the various meetings and events that Tirnewydd and the SCA as a whole offer. For those who want a more martial experience, there is heavy weapons fighting where the fighters wear full armor and use large amounts of controlled force. For those who desire more finesse there is also rapier combat which is very similar to mundane fencing. There is also archery and thrown weapons at many events.

The arts and sciences are also very prominent within the SCA. We have a local contingent of dancers and musicians who play and dance together on a regular basis as well as at events. There is also lots of the fiber arts, such as needlework, braiding and sewing. A significant amount of the garb that you can see at events is hand sewn. Other activities include leather working, blacksmithing, whitesmithing, brewing, chainmaille, scribing, illumination, calligraphy, carpentry and many more.

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to contact our chatelaine (The officer elected specifically to help people new to the SCA or local group.), or come out to one of our regular meetings.


Draco Invictus!