Youth and Family Activities for Red Dragon

This year's family activities schedule for Red Dragon is one of the most ambitious programs yet. The theme is "Tower Siege," and adults and children alike are invited to take part in the activities. Parents are encouraged to come construct siege weapons with and play with their children.

A 16-foot tall Tower play set will be assembled on site.

Siege engines built during the day's activities will deployed against the Tower in an all-out Siege!

(12 and under)

11am-Noon A dragon has left behind some of its eggs. Dragons are known to be tricky--the eggs will be hidden in the most unlikely places, but will be worthwhile to find, as they are sure to contain a small piece of dragon treasure!

Younger children will be given a head start.

Noon-3pm As with all treasure, it must be protected. Children will make great helms and shields to prepare for the coming Siege. Each child who makes 3 or more foam rocks--to be used as ammo later in the day--will be given a pool noodle “sword.” Each item is expected to take about 20 minutes to make, with ample time to become familiar with the Tower play set while glue is drying.

Noon-2pm What happens before all sieges? A party! For those wishing to avoid conflict, Lady Heodez L'adroit de Calais will be hosting a seasonal party that may include (but not be limited to) decorating cupcakes and/or cookies, bobbing for apples, goodie bags, and party activities and games.

3pm-4pm Defend the Tower! Children will be in the Tower and able to lob foam "rocks" down foam objects on the “siege crews” and attackers. Currently this planned to a army of very large and angry stuffed animals. Some sort of scoring system will be devised. Roles will be reversed. Prizes will be given to winning teams.

(10 and over)

Noon-2pm A small number of handheld cross will be available to constructed. They will require a small amount of screwing and banging, but most importantly, they will be missing the string required to shoot them.

2pm-3pm Lady Felice will teach a small course in making Viking whip cord. This can be used as the string for the crossbows; however, if you'd rather make something nice for a friend; they make excellent bracelets. This is one of the simplest forms of cord-making in the SCA period, and it’s useful and fun for adults and children alike.

(Pro-tip for young men--girls like it when you make them things.)

Teens and Adults

(All participants must be over 12, and youths under 16 should have a parent. Not that I need to say that, because parents should want to come on their own!)

11am-2pm Building of yard catapults. They will be about about 3 feet tall and toss small objects many yards! It will be used at the end of the day during the Tower Siege. This will require screwing many screws by hand, nailing, and sawing.

2-3pm Testing Firing. "Hit the Target" tourney with prize--use the catapult you just completed to hit things. Does there even need to be a prize to make this better?

3-4pm Attack the Tower. Catapult owners will have an opportunity to launch foam rocks at Tower, besieging it. As well as assaulting ground targets. Still working on how rules for teens may possible that a “must have a helm rule” may apply, more details coming as I’ll be doing trial runs in my yard in the weeks to come. Check back for more details.

Catapults and crossbow materials will be limited, please RSVP with dcrackel(at)gmail(dot)com to be sure you and your children will receive a kit. I will make extra, but they go quickly.


Time Age Group Activity
11am - Noon Youth Dragon Egg Hunt
11am - Noon Teen Adult Catapult Familarization
Noon-2pm Youth Seasonal Party hosted by Lady Heodez L'adroit de Calais
Noon-2pm Youth Tower Free Play
Noon-2pm Youth Tower Defense equipment making
Noon-2pm Tween/Teen Building a Crossbow(will need to make a cord in the next class)
Noon-2pm Teen/Adult Catapult Constructions
2pm-3pm Youth Tower Free play
2pm-3pm Youth Tower Defense equipment making
2pm-3pm Tween/Teen Making a Viking Whip Cord(crossbow cord), taught by THL Felice Debbage
2pm-3pm Teen/Adult Catapult Firing Test and Target Practice
3pm-4pm Youth-Adult TOWER SIEGE!

Hurley will take place on the list field after combat has ended, roughly 4pm. It will be an all-too-great a time for people over 12 years of age.

About the Tower

The Tower has been over-engineered for safety. It's made from 2x4 inch boards made into 4x4x4 foot cubes that are connected with sheet metal braces and bolted with ⅜ bolts. I've had two 250lbs guys in the top slapping other around; they never shifted the Tower. I would never allow anyone into something I wasn't confident in myself. I encourage everyone to inspect the Tower before allowing his or her children into it.