This year's dance will be hosted by THL Felice Debbage

What better way to end a day? Come dance on a hardwood floor in a beautiful hall with a fireplace. Listen to the lilting tunes of live musicians. Complete beginners and children are most welcome—nearly all of the dances will be taught beforehand, and many are as easy as pie. An enthralling treat for all!

The evening dances shall be chosen from the following list:

  • Amoroso
  • Anello
  • Black Alman
  • Black Nag
  • Bransle Suite (Cassandra, Pinagay, Double, Single)
  • Candida Luna
  • Chirintana
  • Gathering Peascods
  • Gelosia
  • Gracca Amorosa
  • Horses Bransle
  • Korobushka
  • Montarde
  • New Alman
  • New Bo Peep
  • Official Bransle
  • Pavan and Galliard
  • Pease Bransle
  • Posties Jig
  • Washerwomen’s Bransle

Hosted by The Honorable Lady Felice Debbage. For information on playing your instrument with the band, please contact Lord Aaron Drummond at aelkiss(at)gmail(dot)com.

Dance Competition

The dance competition is back for another year! Join for the chance at wonderful prizes!
In the late 14th century, dance competitions would often span days at a time, with the knights of the realm rewarding the best and second-best female dancers with rings of gold and silver. Inspired by this idea, Sir Cellach will be sponsoring a much shorter dance competition at this year's Red Dragon event. Dancers will enter as couples and perform the 16th century Italian dance, "Candida Luna." The couples that Sir Cellach and his fellow knights deem to have danced the best shall be rewarded with prizes. The dance will be taught by THL Felice Debbage during a class earlier in the day.