Arts and Sciences

Craftspersons Fair

Set up for A&S Activies will be from 9am - 10am and you must begin collecting your items at 3:30pm!

The Middle Marches Baronial Arts and Sciences Championship will be held at Red Dragon. While the next Champion will be selected at Red Dragon they will not step up until after the new year to give them time to prepare their Baronial Arts and Science Challenge. I hope to see many entries, if you have any questions please e-mail me.

The format for this year’s Arts and Science Championship will revolve around historical recreation, reconstruction and experimental archeology. A strong entry will show understanding and use of historical materials and techniques, and the entrant should be able to show this understanding through a minimum of three sources with short explanations on how those sources were used in the creation of the entry. While entries do not need to be specific to a persona, they should be representative of a time period and culture within the SCA time frame.

Performance entries: please contact Lady Sarai Tindall at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so that performances can be scheduled with their Excellencies.

There will also be a few tables set aside for general A&S displays that are not part of the championship, so if you aren't entering the championship you can still display stuff you've been working on!


There will be a bardic circle held from 1pm to 3pm at the fire ring circle outside the large class cabin. Come listen to the music and stories, or perform your own. Format will be Play/Pass, meaning we will go around the circle and you can either perform a piece or defer to the person next to you. Newcomers enthusiastically welcomed.

Class Schedule

Name Class Title Description Time
Gebhard von Lozengia
Yard Catapults Are Fun!
In this class you will construct your very own yard catapult. It will be able 3 feet tall and able to lob foam rocks a large distance. You'll be using tools, such as saws and hammers, and maybe paint be prepared to get dirty.

Target practice games after construction completes and prizes for winners.

It will be held from noon-3pm under the big pavilion at Youthe Pointe
(12 and up)
Giles FizAlan
Meat Preservation The class covers methods for preserving meats using several techniques, salt curing, smoking, drying, and pickling. It is mostly based on modern (19th century) techniques, but further research into the period art has revealed that not much had changed from the Middle Ages until then. Be warned that learning to preserve meat in this manner carries with it the burden of learning to use it, which is not covered in the class notes. Several recipes for cures, and period meat preserves are in a separate document. There will be samples available. 2 Hrs. No fee. No class limit. No age limit. Handout provided 11:00
Skallagrim Neinnskegg
Latin For the Utter Neophyte An introduction to the very basics of the Latin language with the aim of making students able to construct simple Latin phrases, using well-known examples as models. 10:00
Lady Ho’elun
Make your own yarn tassels Learn how to make simple yarn tassels. Useful for decorating a belly-dance hip scarf, pillow, spear, hood, or anything else that needs a bit of adornment. Materials will be provided, or you may bring your own. (Great for kids!):
Recommended Materials are:
Cardboard & paper scissors
Yarn or heavy thread in one or two colors
Bodkin or large dull needle
Basic hand sewing Learn the basics of how to hand sew. We will cover some basic stitches and when to use them. Also, some secrets of needle threading and knots. Included topics are: running stitch, gathering, whip stitch, top stitching, buttonhole, waste knots, a mending stitch and a few other things. Handout and materials will be provided, you may bring your own thread, needles, and fabric if you wish. 12:00
Mongolian women's garb How to dress like a steppe lady. This class will cover women's garb in period Mongolia. Will discuss extant pieces, picture references, and some modern examples that allow for backwards interpretation. Good for the beginner or the enthusiast. $1 for handout cost is appreciated. 10:00
Luca Sogliano
Basic Turnshoes: Design, Pattern and Create Learn to make a pair of circa 14th Century turnshoes. Period styles will be discussed along with leather patten designs and construction, along with examples of more advanced techniques such as cutwork. All patterns discussed can be found in "Shoes and Pattens: Finds from Medieval Excavations in London." 2:00
Sarai Tindall
Coiffed and Goffered: Medieval women's veils
Tired of having trouble making your veil stay on? An overview of different types of veils and head coverings for most of the medieval period. Class will cover different methods of wearing veils with demonstrations on how to attach them to your head no matter the length of your hair. 12:00
Felice Debbage

Dance Competition Prep Class: "Candida Luna" Come learn one of the simplest 16th century Italian cascarde, "Candida Luna," in preparation for this evening's dance competition. Familiarity with 16th century footwork will be helpful, although all steps will be taught. The competition is sponsored by Sir Cellach macChormach, and will be judged by Sir Cellach and his fellow knights. There will be excellent prizes for the winning couple and the runners-up.
Classroom space (half a hall)
Class at 11, competition at 3:00
Gunnar Sigurdson

Event Planning Come learn about the basics of SCA event planning. We'll look at budgets, staff requirements and management styles using examples from local, kingdom and known world events. Forms and spreadsheets provided if you bring a USB flash drive. 1:00
Gwenllyen the Minstrel
Beginning Bobbin Lace Learn the basic braid, cloth stitch and half stitch. Students will be able to complete a project.
$30 for kit includes pillow, cover, bobbins, pins, thread, bead, patterns, etc.
Aasa Sorensdottir
Embroidery Fiber Field Trip It can be extremely difficult to find embroidery fibers appropriate for period projects- the big box store just don't carry them, and many smaller, independent stores are closing. You can find them on-line, but there is no way to feel them, or see the true colors without ordering, which can be pricey risk. THL Aasa will be leading an excursion to What's the Point, an incredibly well stocked needlepoint store in Dublin- mere moments from site, [and to Louise's Needlework, a second needlework store in Powell, also moments from site]. Bring project ideas, designs, and money, as she has procured for us a 10% discount! If you have any current or past projects you are willing to show, tote them along- the ladies would be thrilled to see them! Note: Aasa can only take 3 additional people in her car. If more folks show interest we will need additional people willing to drive over to Dublin [and to Powell, which is on the way back to site]. It is less than 15 minutes away. Maps will be provided, and you also have the option of getting lunch ( or Jeni's ice cream) while we are out! Meet at Fireplace in A&S Hall 11:30 - 2:30