Event Steward: THL Gunnar Sigurdsson
Deputy Event Steward: Lord Luca Sogliano
Gatekeeper: Lady Eilis the Stone
Heavy Weapons: Curra Diglach and Sgt. Dracus
Rapier: Lord Thomas of Effingham
Youth Combat: VACANT
Thrown Weapons: Lady Sofie
Archery: Lord Diccon de Reinport
Herald: Lord Edborough Kelley
A & S Coordinator: Lady Sarai Tindall
Class Coordinator: Lady Ximena Ramirez
Dead Rabbits: Lady Ximena Ramirez
Promotions: THL Felice Debbage
Feast Steward: Mistress Gwyneth and Team Anubis
Hall Steward: Team Anubis
Head Server Lady Nyah MacPhee
Lunch Tavern VACANT
Dance Mistress: THL Felice Debbage
Parking & Safety: VACANT
Merchants: Lady Nicole de Say
Youth Activities: Lord Gebhard of Lozengia
Webminister: Lady Alliette Minouflet
Site Tokens: Lady Ho'elun
Royalty Liaison: Baroness Anastasiia Ivanova