Twelfth Night


The Marche of Tirnewydd is pleased to gift the Barony with “Twelfth Night in the Middle Marches,” and admission is free to all! Join us to eat, drink and be merry. We have enough to interest everyone of every age for a day of fun in our Marche.

In lieu of a site fee, we do ask that you consider those less fortunate and bring a canned food item to be distributed by St. John Chrysostom. Please note that this means that the non-member surcharge will not be collected, but donations towards our costs will be accepted.

Date: Saturday January 28th 2012
Time: Site opens at 8am

St. John’s Chrysostom

5858 Cleveland Ave

Columbus, OH 43231

Map: Google Map
Cost: FREE!

Note: Site is discretely damp, period containers only please.


To aid in the digestion, THL Felice Debbage has an evening’s dancing for us, which shall include live musicians.

Gracca Amorosa
Posties Jig
Gathering Peascods
Black Nag
Washerwomen's Bransle
Horses' Bransle
New Bo Peep
New Alman
Official Bransle
Pease Bransle
Petit Riens
Candlestick (Torch) Bransle
Black Alman
Rufty Tufty
Galliard (Can She Excuse My Wrongs)


If you are interested in playing, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Autocrat Lord Luca Sogliano Luca.Sogliano at gmail dot com
Deputies Lord Gebhard von Lozengia
Archery Kenshin
Website Design Ionnia N.
Website  Lady Alliette Minouflet Alliette dot Minouflet at gmail dot com
Hall Ionnia N.
Gate Ula'an Checheg
Merchant Lady Sarai Tindall
Artisans' Row
Lady Ximena Ramirez at gmail dot com
Youth Lord Gebhard von Lozengia
Dance THL Felice Debbage


Rather than traditional classes, this year’s Twelfth Night will feature an Artisans’ Row. Our Baronial artisans invite all and sundry to come see and learn their trade throughout the day. For any questions, please contact Ximena Ramirez ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

Name Title Description
Lady Alliette Minouflet
Musical Roundtable Available for teaching basic recorder and music, recorders will be available at cost for $5; various instruments and their history
Scribes of Tirnewydd Scribal Dallying Calligraphy, illustration and illumination
Máel Mhuire mac Néill hui Cholmáin Authentic Scribing for Beginners - Quills, Reeds and How to Make and Use Them Materials and guidance to create two kinds of writing implements used in the Middle Ages, made from feathers and plant stems, and guidance on some of the scripts in use. (This is not illumination - but that which is illuminated!) Contributions welcome to assist with materials.
Parvati Chandravanshi of Dernehealde

Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Pysanky) A traditional wax-resist technique of sequentially dyeing eggshells as practiced in much of Eastern Europe since at least 988CE, including traditional Western Ukrainian (Hutsul) patterns and techniques.
From Fleece to Finish All fiber arts from spinning, weaving, knitting and construction to embroidery
Sir Cellach MacCormach
Embroidery Miscellaneous embroidery skills and techniques
Lady Erriil du Fauconor
Weaving on a Period Box Loom Making weft-faced woollen leg garters on a rigid heddle tape loom, with an experiment of woven-in beading.
Marco Borromei Coin Engraving Armor Repair Coin die engraving plus armor repairs: rivets replaced/removed, buckles and straps re-attached, dents tapped out and more
Baroness Frances Elizabeth Devereux
Fabric and Garb Swap Never going to wear that t-tunic again? Thought that yellow wool would make a great cloak, only to find it clashes with everything you wear? Bring any garb, fabric, and trimmings you’d like to get out of your stash, and pick up some new ones. Anything still left over will be donated to the various Gold Keys of the Barony for new members.


Due to a lack of Marshals, all archery activities are cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Joining us will be:

Celtic Wolf
Handmade knives and wooden mugs, as well as sundials.

Viking Archery
Archery supplies including new and used bows.

Vogt Handcrafts
Armor, jewelery, accessories and other sundries.

Sorry, but we are absolutely full, with no space is left for additional merchants.


Their Excellences invite you to dine with them as they discuss and make known the business of the Middle Marches. The feast shall be a potluck, and we ask that those wishing to participate bring a dish to share. Please bring a card labeling your dish, with any pertinent dietary or allergen information displayed. Though the site is discreetly damp, please do not bring alcoholic beverages to share as part of the potluck, though you are welcome to consume them out of appropriate containers with your friends at your table.

As court begins, there will be time for everyone to get a plate of food and be seated. We do ask that while court is in session the populace not leave their seats, as there will be breaks in the business at hand for conversation and a second helping.

If you are not able to dine with us, please do not feel left out, those with dietary restrictions are welcome to sit with us, and there will be chairs provided for those who simply wish to sit and enjoy court without the feast.

In order to minimize overlap, we ask that if you have not made a decision about what to bring to our Twelfth Night, please consult this table, based on the first letter of your MODERN LAST NAME: 

A-F please bring a dessert

G-K please bring a vegetable dish to share

L-Z please bring an entree or meat-based side dish to share

This list is, of course, non-binding, so if you're really excited about a particular dish (especially if it's one from the SCA time-period!) please bring it. Also, please note that while drinks are provided, you may wish to bring additional ones for your party. You are welcome to consume alcohol at your table, so long as you are legal to do so, but it may not be a part of our potluck offerings. Dishes prepared with alcohol are fine, but please make note of that along with appropriate allergen information; also please, as a gesture to the vegetarians and vegans among us, if your dish is not obvious, please label it as Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian. Thank you for your understanding.