Red Dragon bardic will be on-going throughout the day, situated in the main hall next to the fireplace. This will be an open space for all bards and listeners, be they musicians, storytellers, newcomers performing for the first time or populace listening to what is being offered. We will have food and drink for people indulging in the bardic circle with special delicacies that can be earned through a song, a story, a riddle, whatever performance you can give!
Schedule of Events:

Site open - Court: Open bardic circle. 1pm to 2pm - "Bardic Advice"


Red Dragon will feature a bardic Challenge/Competition this year!
The theme is "advice for nobility"! There are countless examples of advice in the bardic tradition - there are songs warning daughters about those scoundrels that fathers don't like, there are stories about being polite to old women lest they curse you with a terrible affliction, and there are treatises telling noble sons just how they should (or shouldn't) behave. Since Red Dragon will be the inception of the new Baron and Baroness of the Middle Marches, we are inviting all bards to come share their best advice for nobility in the form of a bardic performance. This can be a period piece, an adaptation, an original - however you see fit to interpret this challenge!

Performers will be given the choice between participating in the Challenge or in the Competition.
The Challenge is exhibition only - you will be given a chance to perform but you will not be rated or judged in any way.

The Competition will be a judged performance before a panel of bards (they are very nice people, I promise). Contestants will be judged by:
- Content (how you interpret the challenge and how well the idea is executed)
- Stage Presence
- Technical Ability

The bard that earns the most points in the Competition will be given an award.