Rapier Schedule

9:00-10:30 Authorizations/Inspections/Pick-ups
10:30 Sharp (not SCA time) Middle Marches Baronial Rapier Championships - Challenge Round Robin, best 2/3, do not have to match styles, loser reports. Anyone may compete, but the top two finishing competitors from Middle Marches become Rapier Champion and runner-up.
11:30 (or immediately following the Middle Marches Championship) North Oaken Regional Rapier Championships - Double Elimination, best 2/3, Best style (do not have to match). Double kills are refought to a clear victor. Please see the special rules for Regional Championships here.
12:30 (or after N.O. Champs) Lunch Break/pick-ups
2:00 The Hanged Man Tourney: Were you good at playing Hangman as a kid? Still think you are? How about hangman while fencing? Try this one. (Click the link to read the tourney rules).
Here are links to the rules in case the above ones don't work for some reason:
Hanged Man