Shire of Talonval, R.S.L.
A local branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism covering the Michigan counties of Jackson, Hillsdale, and Lenawee.
The arts of combat date back to the founding of the SCA. No matter what your skill level there is an art for you. These arts are not only for men. The ladies also enjoy getting armored up and taking the field. There are a few types of combat to choose form. If combat is not your style you can choose to test your skills with throwing weapons, or even in archery. There are more Combat Arts that are not practiced as often in the Shire of Talonval, but they are no less important.   Pictures from the Combat Arts being Practiced.

This picture was taken at the "Siege of Talonvale 2010"
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Armored Combat (Heavy Combat) is full contact combat sport. Combatants participate in full armor for these combat games. These contests are non-choreographed full contact competitions. These games rely on the honor and chivalry of the combatants participating to ensure that blows are judged fairly.
Rapier Combat (Fencing) is recreation of the style of combat preformed during the renaissance. These combatants fight in a non-choreographed game with real swords that are specially blunted to lessen the possibility of bodily harm. These games also rely on the honor of the combatants to judge the contest fairly.
Throwing Weapons is a skilled art where participants test their skill and accuracy at throwing knives, axes, and spears. These contests truly require a skilled hand to master, but are open to all skill levels.
Archery is a skilled art where the participants attempt to outperform one another with bow and arrow. These competitions date back to ancient times. Archery was essential on the battle field as well as for hunting to put food on the table. These contests help up to relive those arts.
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