Shire of Talonval, R.S.L.

The Dragon's prize Sapphire has gone missing!
An epic quest to recover the lost treasure will take place at the Siege of Talonval.
Begin assembling your teams now...

Rules for The Quest for the Dragon’s Sapphire
The Quest will take place at the Siege of Talonval on June 8th from 10am until 3pm.
Teams should plan to meet at 9:45am for an orientation session before the Quest begins.

  • The Quest can support five teams; teams will be accepted in a first come, first serve basis. Teams can sign up in advance by contacting Mistress Giovanna at
  • Each team can have up to five members.
  • Teams should be prepared to participate in a variety of common SCA activities.
  • Teams will be accompanied by a Guide – these Guides can provide some measure of insight and assistance.
  • While teams are questing, they must stay together.  If a team member wishes to participate in another event activity (non- Quest), all Questing must halt until they have returned.
  • Teams should bring a banner which they can carry on the Quest.

The Quest:

  • There are multiple Quest stations throughout the event site.  Completing stations gets you tokens.
  • Stations can be completed in any order, however, the Knight is the final station, and your Quest is over once you have gone there – tokens will be tallied at that point.
  • Whichever team has the most tokens, wins. In the event of a tie, the winner is the team that finishes first.

**Any use of coconuts, comments about Shrubbery, or use of fake horses will be cause for immediate disqualification.

A contest of BACON!
These great bacon designs will be judged by those Landed Baron and Baronesses in attendance. All those who wish to take on this feet of glory shale have their entry turned in before 3pm on the Saturday of the event. The winner will receive a trophy that they can hold on high for one year.

Talonval Bacon Contest Rules

Be creative! Bacon related, containing bacon, or even looking like bacon….any way you make it, it’s eligible!

All foods go with Bacon! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or any meal in-between!

Cooked, baked, wrapped or in a drink…. Anything is rarely worth eating without bacon!

Option to cook onsite or at home. Please remember food safety, the Talonval event can be very warm!

Nom Nom Nom. Items will be judged on taste as well as creativity!

Let the Bacon Challenge Begin!