Shire of Talonval, R.S.L.

2013 Siege of Talonval Armoured Combat Schedule
Lord Gaius Titus Aquila, KMIC.
Lord Charles Gottsfurbotter GMit
Master Zygmunt Nadratowski- 3rd Annual Open tourney Marshal

Please bring your site token, white and blue cards. When you do, you’ll be inspected and given a sticker. NO STICKER = NO FIGHTING! Just like War.

Two lists: Red (by the woods); Blue (the open end of the wooded area, archery is being held in the old open field area)

Friday, Jun 7
Red list open, blue closed.
530pm – 700 List open for Authorizations & pick ups.
700 – 800 Shire Championships.
800 – 900 Open list for auths & pickups.
900pm – list closes.

Saturday, June 8
10am – 1130 Red list - Authorizations & pick ups
Blue List - No unbelt practice this year (per Unbelt Command staff)

1130 – 1pm Red List - 3rd Annual Talonval Open
Blue List – Regional Balloon fight!!!-(see fight description below).

1pm – 4pm Regional War practice
• 1-2 Blue list - Balloon Battle.
• 2-3 Red list - Capture point rez battle (2 planned)
• 3-4 Red list - Woods battle-Three little Pigs battles

1 – 5 Spear authorizations may occur during any fighting, provided we have enough Marshals to monitor the fighters authorizing.
5 Lists closed for court.

If you need signatures for MIT paperwork, bring yourself, your form, and I will put you to work! This is an easy way to get a bunch of them, including the “running an event” one. Marshaling is not hard, doesn’t take much time, and is the easiest way to give back to the Kingdom and Society.

Shire Championships
This tourney will determine the champion of the Shire of Talonval for the next year. It will be either a double elim tourney (all conventions used, bring your best game), or a round robin, based on turnout. For the finals, each combatant will fight our current Champion. The champion is expected to fight with Talonval when it musters. Winner receives a Talonval tabard, tourney shield and war board, to be used during their term as Champion. The Shire Champion from the previous year will run this tournament.

3rd Annual Talonval Open
Need to get your game ready for Crown, or wondered what it was like? Then this is for you! This will be a double elimination tree tournament. It will either be one bout per opponent or best 2/3 per opponent, based upon turnout.
Pairings initially decided by random draw.
The finals will be best 2/3, with weapon styles matched. In the finals, the person with the highest seniority picks weapons for bout 1, then the other person picks for round 2. Round 3, if needed, will be sword & shield.
No Face Thrusts!
No heater shield bigger than 32” in any dimension, or center grip larger than 30”.
No Single handed sword greater than 42” in length.
No pole weapons longer than 6’.

If the Crown desires, finals will be fought in court before Them and the assembled populace.(currently there is no Crown Presence scheduled for Siege of Talonavl, due to conflicts with Kingdom War Practices. this MAY change after Crown Tourney)

Regional War Practice
Balloon Fight- All particiapants will have Balloons taped to their Helm and chest. Battle will start as teams. As long as you have a balloon still intact, you are alive. If a balloon gets "knocked off, it may be stomped on. Last man standing wins the battle. Balloons must be blown up large enough that simply tucking your shield in will NOT protect them. (aprox. 6 inch diameter)

Timed team battles- This will be a twist on the three little pigs themes. Info TBA at Siege.

Capture point rez battle (if numbers and time allows)– This is like last year, if you were there. If not: In this timed battle, each side will have a keep to defend (both sides start in their keep), with their rez point behind it. Midway between each side will be two points (baileys) to capture. The side holding the most territory (keep (s) and bailey(s) at the end of the time, wins. The time for each battle will depend on how much time is left.

As always, adjustments may occur, based on time and participation.

Siege of Talonval Rapier Schedule
900 am List Opens, inspections, authorizations
1000 am Extra Credit Tourney
1100 am Sacrificial Bear Pit Tourney
1200 pm Lunch Break
100 pm Rapier Joust Tourney
200 pm Talonval Rapier Championship (You Pick My Poison and I’ll Choose Mine)
300 pm Marshals’ Court, Pickups, & Melee
400 pm List Closes

Extra Credit Tourney 10am (really!)
Tired of being beat by all those super-experienced rapier fighters in tournaments? Now it is time for vengeance! Suit up and fight the most experienced fighters on site (Bronze Rings and others as needed). The tournament is an open ended challenge format. You can challenge any of the ‘experienced’ fighters up to five passes each within the hour. Weapons forms to be agreed upon by the pair, but every pass is worth a point. Points scored in this tourney will be added to the participant’s score in the next tourney (The Sacrificial Bear Pit) in addition to the highest score being declared the victor. For the purposes of this tournament, only those fighters without any fencing related awards may earn these bonus points, although any participating fighter will receive a special bonus.
Sacrificial Bear Pit Tourney 11am
This will be a bear pit tournament with a constant loss of limb and life. Fighters may use whatever weapon style they wish, but for every victory they must sacrifice a limb to stay on the field. A limb is considered to be one arm or one leg. For the purposes of this tournament, fighters losing one leg may opt to post, but must kneel or sit if both legs are lost. When both arms and legs are lost, the fighter will stay upon the field as a ‘stump’ to be dispatched by their next opponent. The bear pit will be fought on a time basis. One point will be awarded for each victory. The rapier fighter with the highest overall score (including any Extra Credit) will be declared the victor. Wounds are not retained (except for the sacrificed limbs) and double kills are counted as a loss for both combatants.
Rapier Joust Tourney 1pm
Come couch your rapiers and charge toward victory against your opponents (complete with coconut accompaniment)! This will be a round robin style tourney with a center list dividing combatants. Combatants will advance to the other end of the list and throw one shot (a thrust, not a draw) across the list as they pass their opponent. Shots which strike the shield of their opponent will disable the shield for the remainder of the bout. Passes will be made until there is a decisive killing blow landed. One point will be awarded for each victory in this manner. Those not authorized in shield may default to single and must be killed twice (or once by a head shot) to make up for their lack of buckler.

Talonval Rapier Championship (You Pick My Poison and I’ll Choose Mine) 2pm
This tournament will be a round robin format with chosen weapon styles and wounds. Each fighter will tell the marshal at the beginning of the bout what style their opponent will be using as well as what wound (if any) they will be accepting (acceptable styles are the basic 5, and acceptable wounds are an arm or legs). The marshal will then reveal the choices and adjust styles accordingly. One point will be awarded for each victory, but a bonus point will be given to any fighter that wins if they accepted a wound. Additionally, a bonus point will be given if a fighter chooses ‘best’ as their opponent’s style and then defeats them (if they actually use said style). Double kills are to be refought until there is a clear victor. The highest score will determine the victor.
The tournament is open to all rapier fighters. Winning the tournament entitles the person to be the Rapier Champion of the Shire of Talonval and to run the Championship next year.
Melee Practice 300pm (approximately)
We will be having a short marshals’ court after the Championship to discuss issues seen during the day. All marshals and MITs are encouraged to attend.
Thereafter we will announce the winners for ‘Most Fun’ and ‘Most Honorable’ selected by populace vote throughout the day.
Finally, we will conclude with a melee practice with various scenarios including a Valhalla Circle of Death.