On the table

Black Bread

Ingredients:  Dry yeast, dark beer, salt, egg, honey, white flour, whole wheat flour, rye flour

Herb butter

                         Ingredients:  Butter, herbs (to be decided later)

Goat cheese mushroom pate

Gluten free crackers (purchased)

1st Remove

Honeyed chicken

Ingredients:  Chicken, unsalted butter, apple cider vinegar, honey, mint, currants, raisins, dried cherries, dried cranberries

Mushroom Pastries

Ingredients:  Mushrooms, parmesan, olive oil, ginger, cinnamon, grains of paradise, cloves, sugar, unsalted butter, flour, egg yolks, water

2nd Remove

Roast beef

                          Ingredients:  Beef roast, salt, pepper

Roasted root vegetables

                          Ingredients:  Carrots, turnips, onions and seasonally available

3rd Remove

Roasted pork with herbs and grapes 

                          Ingredients:  Pork, nutmeg, slat, pepper, parsley, endive, assorted herbs, currants, grapes,  
                          pancetta, cloves, rosemary

6 onion simmer with raisins

                          Ingredients:  Onions, Leeks, Scallions, olive oil, raisins, pepercorns, brown sugar, salt, verjuice,


Apple cakes

                   Ingredients:  Milk, yeast, egg yolks, flour, salt,unsalted butter, apples, honey, poudre forte,
                  cinnamon, walnuts, oil for frying, confectioners sugar