Preliminary schedule for the event is as follows—depending on TRH pleasure:

8am Merchants May Begin Set up
9am Site Opens 
10:00am      Authorizations and Inspections Begin
11:00am      Morning Court

After Court   Heavy Tourney
                      Rapier Tourney 
                      Archery Practice (off site)
11:30am       Lunch Tavern Opens (or after Court)
12pm            Royalty Luncheon is Served
1pm              Archery Tournament (Off Site)
2pm               Lunch Tavern Closes
3:30pm          Pickups
4pm               St. Nick Contest
                       Best Elf Contest
                       Scavenger Hunt

5pm               Court held at the whim of Their Highnesses
6pm               Feast Begins!!!
8:00pm          Event ends

9pm               Site Closes

There will be a A&S craftperson display All day.  The judges ae looking for a display that will transport the viewer back to the Middle Ages.   Bring your good works and good luck!