A Site, A Site, My Kingdom for a Site!

A call is going out to our populace to help us look for sites for future events within the borders of our Barony. Our Barony includes St. Joseph, Elkhart, LaGrange, and Marshal Counties. St. Nicholas Toys for Tots, Swine and Roses and the Halfla are some of the events that we are always looking for sites. The winter sites should be rather large “think large gymnasium/fairgrounds” as the sites would need to hold our Heavy Fighting and Rapier tourneys and therefore need tall ceilings and wide spaces as well as Court, Feast and Merchants. If the site is large enough we would love to include archery too! Access to water is a must, an available kitchen is even better! Summer sites can be day or camping sites with water available and restrooms and power would be a big plus and so would an available kitchen. Enough room for some major fighting and perhaps a melee or two. Also for the summer a large building (or two) should be close by for inclement weather, this is the Midwest after all. The sites can be wet or dry or discreet dry.