Letter in The Pale- Dec 2019 -Dragon Herald

Greetings! I hope the coming of winter has found you in good health, and warm in your keep. Winter is a time for working on those craft projects we don’t seem able to get to during the summer months. It is also a good time to work on registering your SCA name and armory. We have many heralds who are qualified to help you out.

If you are interested in becoming a voice herald, please contact me, your regional herald, or Master Dmitrii Zhirov Pale Herald for help with training.

If you are interested in the submissions process and becoming a submissions herald, please contact me or Dame Estelle de la Mer Rouge Scarpe and we can help get you started. As always, we are in need of heralds to do heraldic commentary in OSCAR (the Online System for Commentary on Names and Armory) on name and armory submissions. This can be anything from conflict checking to armory re-drawing to clicking links to make sure that the documentation says what the submitter says.

I would like to thank Baroness Una Uilebaine for her work as the Pentamere Signet. She is being replaced by Mistress Helena Sibylla and Baroness Hannah Schreiber.

Thank you to Chaya Simcha bat Yonah who is stepping down as Buckler Herald. Master Alan Fairfax is taking the reins of that office.

Congratulations to Dame Ursula Georges whose heraldic title finally passed, and she is now Dame Ursula Serpent Herault.

In Service to The Middle Kingdom

I remain,

Lord Jean Yves de Chierebourg
Dragon Herald.