Their Majesties’ April Letter in The Pale

Salutations, Midrealm,

This is Our last Pale letter for Our Reign and We cannot say thank you enough for the privilege of this year. It has been absolutely a delight being able to travel to so many different groups and recognize good works publicly. We are so thankful for all the largesse and overall support We have been given. We are especially thankful for Our predecessors, Duke Edmund and Duchess Kateryn, and Our Heirs, Felix and Madeleina. Without their direct guidance We would not have been able to serve you as well and We thank them for Their Service to the Kingdom.

We also want to give a special thank you to Our Chamberlains – Baron Wilhelm and Baroness Alzbeta. They were Outstanding and truly made this intense year as painless as it could have been. Additional staff that We wish to publicly commend are Our regional Staff: Evzenie, Antonia, Sarah, Hypathia, and Aya. Additional members of Our Staff who were irreplaceable: Emmiken and Zahra.

We are adding one event to the last month of Our Royal Progress which will be Martial Rum to be held April 11, 2020, in the Barony of Sternfeld. Finally, we hope many of you can come to the Coronation of Felix and Madeleina, May 2, as it promises to be a beautiful celebration of Our Kingdom and traditions.

-Seto and Ynes