Thuban Herald – March letter in The Pale

Greetings unto the Populace of the Middle Kingdom,

It is with great pleasure that I once again take up the mantle of Thuban Herald for the Kingdom. I’m responsible for providing or coordinating the provision of services for members of our populace who are D/deaf or hard of hearing. Sign Heralds, in general, are individuals who volunteer to use signed language or oral interpreting to communicate information to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing members of the populace during court, classes, and meetings.

Any member of the populace who has the desire can become a Sign Herald. As an individual builds their language skills and becomes more comfortable, they may decide to sign increasingly long or difficult material. Someone with fingerspelling knowledge may feel most comfortable at the gate while those with more extensive knowledge may choose to assist with court or classes.

Any individual who wishes to have a Sign Herald present for a specific event or activity at an event should contact me via email ([email protected]) with the request including event name, date, and location. I will do my best to provide services based on the availability of a Sign Herald.

Please visit for additional information on learning American Sign Language, deafness, or Sign Heraldry.

In service to the Kingdom,

Master Katalena