Their Highness’s April Letter in The Pale


Noble subjects of the Middle Kingdom, spring is upon the Realm. We have returned safe from campaign in the lands to the south and We hope that Gulf Wars was a time of fellowship and fond memories for everyone. As spring is a time of change, We too must speak of change. The timing of these publications is challenging, and We do not wish to overstep Our current station. We have been encouraged by Their Royal Majesties to address these topics, and by Their leave We shall speak to them.

In Our minds, Coronation and Crown Lists are the paramount celebration of the Middle Kingdom. We would encourage all to attend and participate in these celebrations. At Coronation We would invite people to don appropriate masks during the day if it pleases them. This was a custom of Court in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and we seek only to allow people a bit of fun. Her Highness and I will be sponsoring a King’s and Queen’s Tournament. All those who are of worth, seek renown, or seek to please the King or Queen should present themselves in armor of good repair with no rust or garments that are torn, and fight to be recognized as a champion of the day. Many honors and prizes shall be given in the evening Court, before feast.

We look to have an evening revel after Court at a local inn. Please come enjoy the day, smile, laugh, have fun, and share in the joy that is The Middle Kingdom. Crown List combatants and consorts, please read the requirements and abide by them. The standards for this tournament are the highest. Doing the minimum isn’t the goal. Being an example to the Known
World is the goal. We will hold all who vie to be Our Heirs accountable for their actions and presentation and shall name you unworthy should you fail in comportment, calibration or presentation. Aspiring to this great privilege is no easy thing; the responsibilities are vast and demanding. This is your first test in your aspirations. Prepare well and good luck; We and the populace are watching.

Know in advance, the space around the list field at Crown shall be reserved for those who have medieval period tents, pavilions and shades. We ask that you keep all modern items from view in these areas. This includes chairs, cans, coolers, tables and an endless number of other items. We are striving very hard for a medieval tournament. We have made Our wishes known to the event steward and the list coordinator. Please work with them as they arrange this difficult task. We would like to thank Their Royal Majesties Seto and Ynes. They have been kind to Us and allowed Us to have a great deal of room to maneuver for Pennsic preparations. They have encouraged Us to be vocal and act as We see fit. We wish Them well in all things and are grateful for Their service to this Kingdom.

We love this Kingdom. We are grateful for the privilege to lead and serve this greatest of Realms. Be kind when you can, find joy in what you do, work to make The Kingdom a better community.

Go in peace,
Felix et Madeleina