2020 Midrealm Kingdom A&S Faire Tutorial


After some amazing work over the weekend from our A&S Portal Programmer Extraordinaire, THL Brighid of Red Spears, we have figured out the best way to have entries enrolled for Kingdom A&S. We could have moved all entries over to Kingdom in one go, but that would have meant losing all of the score sheets from South Oaken and Midlands A&S Faires.

Here are instructions on moving your entries to the Kingdom A&S Faire.

  1. Log into your account and from your home screen select “Manage Your Entries”

2. From here follow the instructions for either Entries that have already been judged (3) or Entries that have not been judged (4).

3. For Entries that have already been judged at a Regional A&S Faire.

  • You will see a screen like this, with a list of your past entries.
  • Select “Promote to Kingdom”
  • The Fair information will change to “2020 Kingdom A&S Faire”
  • Please do NOT select “Promote to Kingdom” a second time.
  • Do this for each judged entry you are taking to Kingdom A&S.

4. For Entries that have NOT been judged at a Regional A&S Faire.

  • Your screen will look like this. Select “Edit”
  • Select 2020 Kingdom A&S Faire from the drop down box and then Select “Update Entry”.
  • Do this for each non-judged entry you are taking to Kingdom A&S.

5. Your entries are now registered for the Kingdom A&S Faire!

For those that may have been hoping to get documentation feedback at their Regional Faire, please reach out to your Regional MOAS for assistance, they are looking forward to helping you! 🙂

Many thanks to everyone that has assisted in these decisions and in making this work for the Kingdom!

Regional MOASs
North Oaken – Master Milesent Vibert northoaken.moas@midrealm.org
South Oaken – THL Honor von Atzinger southoaken.moas@midrealm.org
Pentamere – THL Fujinami no Kaede pentamere.moas@midrealm.org
Constellation – THL Brynn Herleifsson contellation.moas@midrealm.org
Midlands – THL Mwynwen (Strawberrie) midlands.moas@midrealm.org

In Service,
Maestra Sarai Tindall Sogliano
kmoas@midrealm.org | http://www.midrealm.org/moas/