The Editor of The Pale – May 2020 Letter

My dear people of the Middle Kingdom; family, friends and those I look forward to meeting someday, too.

What a time we are living in. I know that for most of us (all of us?), we are still processing and trying to figure out just how to function in this ‘new normal’ that the world has presented us. Across the Kingdom we are seeing so many people juggling life right now, and the effect of this pandemic runs the gamut for the populace. It is an uncertain time, as well as an ever-changing one.

What I see most, however, trickling through the stress and frustration, is a community that has risen to this challenge. People are creating virtual watch parties, classes, and other gatherings to help everyone connect. I have seen people reach out for help and have so much assistance offered that my heart fills with joy just knowing the incredible generosity of spirit that we have in this wonderful Kingdom. And, most wonderful of all, is the support and hope given when someone needs it most.

We in the Middle Kingdom are a tribe. We collectively represent five states and two countries.  We are thousands of people strong, with an amazing collective experience.

So, I ask you to look around.

Look at the amazing way this Kingdom has pulled together, weathering changes more strongly, more resolutely and with an uncommon grace and understanding.

Know that the virtual arms of the friends and family–
Of this great culture– are here for you.
Be brave and let yourself feel.
Be courageous and let yourself break.
Know strength, by allowing yourself to show weakness.
Show your weaknesses, and let others be strong for you,
And then, when you are settled, you can be so for them.

We are all here.
We are all scared.
And yet, we are also all so incredibly blessed.
In this strange time that mimics the long-ago history that we have studied for years,
See that they, too, recovered.
The world survived, then.
We will, too.

And, yes, while we have loss, and fear,
We will also find joy and friendship.
We will fight this and grow together.
Our bonds will strengthen.
Our love will persevere,
And we will be together again.

This is you.
This is us.
This is our shared sadness and
Our celebrated joy, even across barriers.
This is our support.
This is our friendship, and
This…. Is our love.

This is your Tribe.

Editor of The Pale