Dragon Herald – May 2020 Letter

Greetings, I hope this letter finds everyone safe and healthy. These are trying times, for all of us, to be sure. I am sure many still find themselves at loose ends and are trying to find something new to do or want to know how else they can serve the Kingdom. One way is to learn book heraldry. We are always looking for book heralds to help us with consulting and registration of arms. If you are interested, please speak with me or your Regional Herald; they can help you to get started. 

Submitters, if you have something in the works, please do not create an OSCAR account just to check on the submission. Please contact your consulting herald, or someone on the Submissions team to ask. There have been issues with too many accounts and we have been asked to cut down on the number of new accounts as we are working on a new build for OSCAR. 

We have a couple of job openings right now in Submissions. Both the Escutcheon and Rouge Scarpe Herald slots are open. The Escutcheon is responsible for receiving submissions and inputting them into OSCAR. The Rouge Scarpe herald is responsible for watching the commentary and deciding if they follow the rules and there are no conflicts with registered armory or names and forwarding them to the Society level If you are interested in either of these positions, please send an email to me as well as one to whichever position interests you: submissions@midrealm. org for Escutcheon or rougescarpe@midrealm.org for Rouge Scarpe. 

As always, our Submissions team is happy to help with whatever you need. Please remember we want to recreate the best of the Middle Ages, so please wash your hands; the Plague is so 1347. 

In Service to Crown and College,

Jean Yves de Chierebourg
Dragon Herald