Their Majesties announce their 2nd AEthereal Court for April 25th.

Good Evening Midrealm,

We hope you are all healthy and well. If you not had a chance to see it yet, you should watch Our Heirs’ video message. It gives good information and clarity to some of Their future plans. The Midrealm will be in good hands. We appreciate and agree with Their efforts to keep the Kingdom safe.

This Saturday at 5:30 CST will be Our last Court as King and Queen. The medium will be the same as last weekend with Facebook Live used for immediate viewing, while we will be using Zoom and a recording will later be added to the Kingdom’s Facebook page.

This has certainly been a unique experience, but We are very excited to share Our Last Court with many of Our landed Baronials and Our Heirs. We are looking forward to hearing from them and We hope you are too.

Thank you all once again for your continued support and We eternally grateful for this opportunity that We have been given. For without each and everyone one of you this would all mean nothing. We are only in this role because YOU Believe! See you this weekend: same Dragon time, same Dragon station!

Seto & Ynes
King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom