From Their Majesties Seto & Ynes regarding Coronation on May 2nd

Good Evening Midrealm,

As was briefly mentioned during Saturday’s Court, in consultation with Our Heirs, We are going to have Our Last Last Ethereal Court as King and Queen Saturday May 2nd before their Coronation. This will include a lot of business and We will post the list of summons tomorrow. We will start Our Court at 10 AM CST and We anticipate it will be done by 1 PM CST to give a lunch break before Coronation begins. We will be streaming from our Zoom directly to Youtube Live.

We hope many of you can join Us to celebrate these gentles who would have received these awards at Better War through Archery, Gulf Wars and all the events that We would have attended in April. This will also allow Us to release Our champions individually before the Coronation ceremony begins.


Seto and Ynes