Kingdom A&S Faire 2020 Announcements & Changes

Greetings to the Artisan’s of the Midrealm!
As you have probably already read, Spring Crown Tournament has been postponed. Because of this the physical location for the Kingdom A&S Faire will not be available and with the current social distancing recommendations we do not consider it prudent to have a traditional A&S Faire this year.

In consultation with the Regional Ministers of Arts and Science, the Faire Staff, and Their Royal Majesties, we will be hosting a Virtual Artisans’ Meet-Up. We have set up a new event on the Midrealm A&S Portal for this (

You will be able to sign up to receive project feedback and/or as a collaborator to provide feedback. Participants will have until May 23, 2020 to register and then we will do our best to match each project up with at least 3 collaborators. Collaboration emails will be sent out by June 1, 2020. We then encourage everyone to try to meet online through your prefered method of communication: whether that’s Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook calls, whatever works for you! Maximum number of projects will be two per person.

Sign-up will work the same as if you were signing up for a normal A&S Faire. Wether you are signing up as a Collaborator or with a Project for Feedback you will select 2020 Virtual Artisans’ Meet-Up from the correct drop down box.

I am looking forward to what we can do with this collaborative event!
Many thanks to everyone that has assisted in making this work for the Kingdom!

Maestra Sarai Tindall Sogliano
Kingdom Minister of Arts & Science