Kingdom Seneschal Letter in The Pale – August 2020

Greetings, Great Dragon Populace,

July has started seeing small gatherings, and hope rises that we may soon be able to safely gather. It is a strange world to not have migrated to Æthelmearc in these warm months for War. Instead we tend closer to home for the protection of all so that we may wage War next year. We enjoy the peace of our neighbors and prepare for fall and the joyous reunion of our fellow Midrealmers once the pandemic and danger has passed.

While it may seem that not much is happening, this is a great time to volunteer and learn more about becoming an Officer, as the administrative work never ceases. Or a chance to learn a new Art or Science and showcase what you learned during this idle time. Perhaps work on that banner flag so all know where you are once we can be together again. Or perhaps a period chair. Or a new kit? Fun garb? A delicious meal? I look forward to seeing everyone’s face, even if masked, and hear how you kept living the Dream while we were forced apart.
Please remember to be safe and respectful of each other. Draco Invictus!

Yours in Service,
Master Cerridwen verch Ioreword