Their Majesties Letter in The Pale – August 2020

We can’t know the future. We can control some things in the present, we can be kind and generous to each other. We have no idea when events will open. What We do know is that all can have hope and strive to be positive. Yes, it’s hard; We believe in you.

Make a list of the things you will do at the next event. Start planning an event or activities. Think of a way to brighten someone’s day, send a message, tell them a joke or send a small gift in the mail. Start a conversation via mail, think of it as a medieval experience and act of patience.

Tell someone why you appreciate them. It is far too easy to get caught up in despair or become filled with anger or hate. The hard part is to rise up each day and find the good, it’s still there, just as it has always been. 

You have been given a quest to do something generous and or kind. We miss you all but smile each time We think or speak of you. Good luck on your quest.

-Felix and Madeleina