Their Majesties on Re-Opening the Middle Kingdom – 28 May 2021

Our Dearest Midrealm,

Given the new direction from the SCA, Inc. regarding the ending of certain restrictions, We are thrilled to announce that We will allow in person weekend events to occur on/after 1 July.

All SCA, Inc., state, and local restrictions must be strictly observed.

We continue to heartily encourage all Midrealmers who are able to obtain a vaccination to do so to protect others who may not be able to be vaccinated due to health concerns or their age.

We encourage those who wish to wear a mask to do so, especially if they are not vaccinated.

We understand that there are many people who are not ready to come to an event for many and diverse reasons, including and especially those who cannot be vaccinated or have young children who cannot be vaccinated. We support those decisions and encourage you to only attend events as is appropriate for your health and well-being and that of your loved ones.

Until further notice or until the end of Our Reign, We will not require any of Our Curia to attend any event that they do not feel comfortable attending and will request a variance from SCA, Inc. should it be required by Midrealm law (as is the case for certain events). We hereby proclaim that any officer or representative of the Midrealm shall also enjoy the same privilege: if any group has attendance written into any governing documents regarding the group events, that requirement will be waived until further notice or the end of Our Reign.

Please continue to be kind to each other.
Felix et Madeleina