Letter in August Pale – Kingdom Exchequer

Greetings, Midrealm!

Happy August, everyone! I hope your summer has been filled with happy reunions with long-missed friends. The Kingdom is gradually getting back to normal as we open back up to group meetings, fight practices, and events.

As we see more and more events on the Kingdom calendar, I wanted to take a moment to personally thank Mistress Gwynnyd and The Honorable Lady Snowden for their time, effort, and work with Society’s SCA-rs program. I could not have done this enormous project without them. Thank you!

As we speak of projects and helping one another, please don’t forget that the Kingdom cannot run smoothly without service. The Exchequery is currently in need of 3 deputies:

  • Constellation Regional Exchequer
  • Education/Training Exchequer
  • Domesday Deputy Exchequer

Please see the Kingdom’s Job Openings Board for descriptions https://midrealm.org/jobs/ and when in doubt, email me with any questions you might have [email protected]

Yours in service,
Baroness Eilis the Stone