Letter in August Pale – Their Majesties

Dearest Midrealm,

Rejoice, the Kingdom is open and soon We will have Heirs!

We rejoice at the thought of seeing you. We rejoice at seeing friends and sharing time together again.
As The Middle Kingdom transitions toward normal, please be kind to your fellow Midrealmers. We are all at different stages of that transition with different comfort levels regarding health and safety. Be understanding. Be courteous. Be kind.

The thirteenth century Persian poet, Rumi (or as those from Anatolia called him, Mevlana) has wonderful advice for you:

If you want to be as clear and refreshing
as the breath of the morning breeze,
or like the sun having nothing but warmth and light,
then love one another.


With Love,
King Felix and Sultana Madeleina