From Their Highnesses Ullr and Annelyse

Good afternoon, Midrealm,

We are appreciative of the support you are showing for indoor masking at events. We will be following the mandate ourselves and want to thank everyone else who masks up!

As always, remember that you don’t have to attend an event, meeting or practice if you don’t feel safe. Protect yourself by staying home if that is what you feel best. Getting sick from an event, or being sick at an event is just no fun for anyone.

We have done a lot in the few weeks since Crown. Mostly, event and travel planning, Curia work, clothing, and staff work. All of this is the ” behind the scenes ” work of the Reign. We will soon be adding award recommendations , more Curia work, letter writing, event staff meetings, Order meetings, and “Sit Down With The Crown” sessions at events.

What is “Sit Down With The Crown”? It’s a time when we will be able to spend time with anyone who wants to join us and answer questions, chat, share some of the activity we did the week before, and get to know the Kingdom. This will be an opportunity for you to see behind the veil, ask questions, get a feel for the job of being Monarchs, and for Us to know what you think is important.

Several other Crowns have done this, and it is such a great idea we want to keep it going! For now, we are back to harvesting and canning from our garden. Soon , we will be travelling and that becomes much more difficult. But, as Ned said, “Winter is coming”.Please stay safe, wash your hands, and have fun!

Yours in Service to the Midrealm,

Ullr and AnneLyse
Tanist and Tanista