September Pale – Kingdom Earl Marshal

Greetings, Midrealm!

We are now several weeks into the restart of martial activities in the Middle Kingdom, and I am pleased to note no significant injuries or outbreaks at our meetings, practices, and events. I continue to hear that our populace is carrying forward the message of kindness as we open ONE MIDREALM!There are several announcements of note:

Per the announcement of Their Majesties, with the support of Their Highnesses and Curia, effective August 4, 2021, masks will be required for participation in ALL indoor activities at official SCA events, meetings and practices. This includes martial activities! For those activities that require the use of head coverings, this does mean that participants must wear a mask under their helmets if the activity is indoors. There are no exceptions to this requirement; if you cannot or will not wear a mask then you cannot participate in martial activities in the Midrealm while indoors.

Second, I wish to remind everyone that in order to maintain a valid warrant as a marshal in the Middle Kingdom, you must be a paid member of the SCA.

Third, with the restart of martial activities I wish to remind everyone that the third quarter report will need to have actual content, so don’t forget to report on time! Additionally, marshals in charge should be sure to submit their event reports per the guidelines in their handbooks. Keep an eye out for additional instructions on reporting, as we seek to improve the system in the coming months.

Finally, you may have noticed that the Midrealm Authorization Database has been going through intermittent availability issues. I ask that everyone have patience as the migration to the kingdom server has caused some wrinkles that the tireless tech team are working hard at ironing out.

Play safe, wash your hands, and wear your masks!

Yours in Service,

Sir Marcus